Everybody has their own journey, and we are all inherently different from one another, but one thing we’ll always share in common is that each of us is the sole author of our story.


In this post, we’re thrilled to show how some of you have made your Mossery experience, uniquely yours.


Although differing in backgrounds, motivations, and personal preferences, these individuals have all filled in their pages in a way that matters most to them.


By a mix of planning, journaling, and art, each of them has transformed blank pages into fragments of their life story, allowing them to plan ahead, reflect on their experiences, and value their growth by easily flipping through the pages.


Scroll down further to see how our planners, sketchbooks, and notebooks are beautifully personalised by our community!





Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do for a living, and what do you like to do?  


I’m a student! I love learning new things. My favourite subjects are sociology and biology. High school can be stressful at times, and I’m still trying to find a good work-life balance through pursuing hobbies.  


In my free time, I love doing activities such as bullet journaling, painting, practising the piano, and working on a variety of other passion projects!  



Could you tell us more about the cover and notebook you chose? 


I’ve purchased the Sunset Glow Wirebound Notebook the second I set my eyes on it! The cover is aesthetically pleasing and features two of my favourite colours: teal and blush pink.  


After reviewing the specifications, I’ve discovered just how well the notebook met my look-fors in a journal. So far, I have no problems with the paper quality and its sizing. Using it continues to be a great experience.  



What do you like most about using a notebook? 


The best thing about using notebooks is that I am fully in control. Every page is an opportunity for something new! I rely heavily on my journal as a creative outlet and day-to-day planner. It is such a privilege to have access to this tool.  




In your opinion, what does it mean to journal during times of uncertainty and isolation? 


Journaling has given me the opportunity to reflect on myself and explore art! Bullet journaling continues to impact my productivity so I will definitely frequently journal throughout the school year.  


Whenever I’m going through difficult times, I notice that journaling helps ground my mindset as I’d focus on smaller goals. Altogether, my connection with journaling greatly benefits my mental health.  





Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do for a living, and what do you like to do?  


For a living, I work as a Community Relations Associate at an assisted living facility for elders with dementia. I also own an online shop where I sell printable inserts. What I like to do is read, listen to music and create things!  



Could you tell us more about why you decided on this cover? 


When I saw the Cosmic Adventure cover, I knew instantly that it was the cover for me. The different shades of blue, yellow, and hints of purple instantly drew me in. The artwork is amazing and I love looking at it. 


If I look at it long enough, I can imagine myself traveling to the moon with the three celestial characters on the cover. ✨  



Now that everything is online and indoors, what makes you continue to use a physical planner?  


I love the feeling of opening my planner, taking out all my pens and markers to set up a new week. To me, there is nothing better than pen and paper. 


Doing things online is great. It’s fast, convenient, and sometimes easier but being able to open a planner/notebook and physically write things down or check things off my list is the best feeling! 



Currently, is there anything in your planner that you look forward to? Why? 


In my planner, I added a “currently” section which was an idea I got from one of my very good planner friends in the community.  


It’s a section where I can write down all the things I’m currently loving, reading, watching, listening to, etc. It’s one of my favorite parts of planning and I love that Mossery’s Planners offer me enough space in the weekly layout to add this. 





Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do for a living, and what do you like to do?  


I have a full-time job, so drawing is my side gig. Outside of that, I spend a lot of time walking around the city with my big headphones on. Before the pandemic, I’d spend a lot of time walking in other cities, taking pictures, and drawing buildings.  


Now, I’m planning to walk every street in the city I live in.  



Could you tell us more about why you decided on this cover and personalisation?  


I have two. One is the Almond Sparkles cover, which I think is just so calm but fun at the same time! The second one is Daydream by Jackson Joyce, I’ve been admiring his art for years and couldn’t miss that!  


Both are printed with my name on them — elliefoureyes. Maybe next time I’ll be more creative.  



How has painting on a sketchbook helped you through times of isolation? 


Being an introvert, I actually enjoy being isolated but like everyone, I’ve had my ups and downs.  


Drawing kept me grounded. If I felt too much, I’d draw it all out and that would make me feel better. 


Now looking back at what I drew, I think it’s actually pretty sad because the colours are muted and greyish. Funnily, back then I thought I was enjoying my time!  



What is your favourite aspect of making art, and why? 


I’m not sure! I like painting? Whether it’s markers or acrylics, putting paint on paper until the colour gets thick and smooth, filling in simple geometrical shapes and making lines straight, etc. — these are so satisfying.  


I feel like I’m in the zone. I don’t get that feeling from doing anything else. 





Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do for a living, and what do you like to do? 


I’m a freelance illustrator who usually works in KidLit. I love learning about all things design and visual. Besides, I pretty much do a little bit of everything: stop-motion, sketching, doodling, etc.  



Could you tell us more about why you decided on this planner and planner layout?  


I’ve decided to use Daydream from Jackson Joyce because I love how the illustration depicts hope, and the colors are my favorites too.  


As for the planner, I chose the Weekly Horizontal layout because I usually add a short diary beside my to-do list, just to add some flavours to the day.  



What do you think is the difference between using a physical planner and planning digitally? 


I personally love pen and paper, maybe partly because I need a refuge from digital as I work every day with my iPad. A physical planner gives me a tactile feeling, and it's always satisfying to doodle, put some stickers, and add colours in a planner.  



What made you decide to start using a planner? 


I’ve decided to use a planner to have some clarity and structure in my day-to-day life. It's a way for me to keep my sanity in this fast-paced world we live in. 


Many thanks to @bujobeano, @moreofkhayla, @ellieandmarker, and @synasaya for being a part of this interview and showcasing their lovely spreads! We’re happy to be a part of your wonderful journey.  


We hope that you are inspired by their stories to begin your personalised journey and become the author of your own story as well. 


Part 2 of this interview series is now out. Click here to read it now!


How would you personalise your own book? Let us know in the comments! 


Thank you to Yameen for the visuals! 



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