“I’m going to give you a handful of wildflowers

so, each petal that falls will remind you

that the earth breathes, and the moon rises.”

― Carolyn Riker


If not the Earth, then where would we be?


This April, let’s join hands to commemorate the endless beauty and resources the Earth has graciously offered us. For where would Mossery be, without the fruits of the Earth to inspire? 


Read on to learn more about our green initiatives and how you too can take steps towards a greener tomorrow:



As a stationery company, paper is more or less the core pillar of our business. We’re blatantly aware of how continuous paper production affects the environment.


There are inevitable consequences we must acknowledge, as it is a detrimental byproduct of our existence as a brand. Therefore, we’ve focused on sourcing ethically-produced paper to make sure we’re not causing additional harm to the environment to the best of our abilities.


The papers we use to sustain our business are FSC-certified and ISO14000 Certified, both of which adhere to global environmental standards. 



As a company that produces paper products of all shapes and sizes, perfectly fine excess bits of paper are inevitable. As a way to resolve this, we’ve repurposed these scraps into Mossery Offcuts which are fresh new items with their own practical value.


From these leftover pieces of paper, we’ve created handy index cards and undated vertical weekly planner pages for some convenient organization!



Even the best of machinery can’t guarantee perfection. In moments of error during our manufacturing processes, we end up with slightly flawed products that don’t quite pass our meticulous quality checks.


Be it so, it would be a shame (and environmentally harmful) to simply discard these items or leave them abandoned on our warehouse shelves. Superficially, they may not be flawless but a little character never hurt anybody — especially when they’re still 100% functional!



In an effort to minimize waste, we’re holding our biggest Second Chance Sale yet! No longer limited to Planners and Refills, we’ve extended our sale to every nook and cranny of the Mossery catalog.


From tools to accessories to covers and the like — these products are just waiting for their second chance. Give them the home they deserve.




The earth exists not to be your playground or your area to pollute as you please. It is the soil that cups the soles of your feet. The fallen dew drops that kiss your cheeks in the early morn. The untainted beauty of petals who whisper a shy hello. 


Candidly speaking, there may never come a time when we become worthy of Earth’s gifts. But a small, good-intentioned step is a step nonetheless. 


Reach out and let us know what we can do better to help contribute to a greener future. Share how you’ve played a part too over on our Instagram, @mosseryco!



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