Each June, we are greeted by soaring technicolor flags — each a proclamation of a pride hard fought for. The rainbow flag has become an iconic symbol of solidarity, celebration, and fight for queer people across the globe.


Credited to US gay activist — Gilbert Baker, the pride flag emerged in 1976 as a symbol of social independence for the gay community. 


As a drag queen himself. Baker, equipped with a penchant for 1970s glam and yet not the wallet to support it, was adept with a sewing machine and had skillfully stitched together a canvas of stacked stripes — a symbol of many coming together as one.


The rainbow flag has become his emblem of choice as “flags are about proclaiming power”, he said.


While the rainbow flag has become a symbol for the queer community, Pride Flags for each pocket of the queer spectrum have emerged since then — each a color of their pride.



This Month at Mossery, we’d like to celebrate the height of pride — the coming together of a community, the spectrum within, and the creative liberties we take for what we believe in. 


This is the safe space we'd like to provide to you — from wherever on the spectrum you come from, to learn what empowers you. 


That’s why we’d like to hear from you, our Mossery community: what makes your pride?


Journey through the spectrum with us on @mosseryco.



Last year, we launched the Prism Fundraiser where we donated 40% of Prism Cover proceeds from the month of June to SEED foundation & the It Gets Better Project.


This year, we’re turning it into the Prism Project — a year long initiative where 25% of all Prism Cover sales will be donated to SEED Foundation.


SEED Foundation is the first trans-led community based organisation in Malaysia. Co-founded by Nisha Ayub, SEED Foundation is on a mission to advocate for, build a safe space and provide sustainable livelihoods to marginalised communities. 


In the spirit of trust and transparency, we’ll be updating this space to include the donation update by the end of June.


“Everytime someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a better, more interesting place” — Raymond Holt, Brooklyn 99.




Stay tuned to our Instagram @mosseryco for all these exciting updates, new launches, and more.


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