Over the past week, Malaysia has observed a sudden rise in the Covid-19 cases bringing the current number to 1518 patients at the time of this notice.

In order to control the increasing spread of the virus, the Malaysian Government has announced a Movement Control Order from 18th–31st March.


During this period, most of the local businesses will be closed down to provide some assistance in controlling the rising Covid-19 pandemic.



Therefore, we regret to inform you that all orders received from 17th March, 12:00am PST, to 31st March will only be processed during the first week of April. In the case of an extension of the current Movement Control, we will provide an updated notice as soon as possible.

We recognize that your order could mean a lot to you and that you may have been eagerly looking forward to receiving your order. 

However, our team is one of the most valuable parts of creating the products that would inspire and facilitate the growth of many individuals globally. They are the one leading in delivering happiness in the form of our products. As responsible business owners, we are in full participation to combat this pandemic together by having their health and safety as our first priority.

We ensure that this would be one of the few times where we have to look beyond our supporter’s Mossery experience in order to curb the global pandemic.

Having said that, we must reiterate that on behalf of everyone at Mossery, we appreciate your support and confidence in placing your orders with us through these unsettling times. 

To everyone that this message reaches to, we hope that you are able to take responsible actions in this time of need. Please stay safe, enjoy your time in peaceful isolation, and let’s #FlattenTheCurve together.



For those who need some inspiration indoors, feel free to read our 10-step guide to turn this into a time of peaceful isolation. 


Please reach out to our customer support at hello@mossery.co for any questions or inquiries and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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