Autumn Chiu

Immerse yourself in a Technicolour dream with Artchiu, as her love for bright colours, texture, and nature shines through in every piece, igniting the spark of childhood wonder. 

Neon Night 2024 Planner
Neon Night Wirebound Sketchbook
Neon Night Twinbook
Neon Night Undated Planner
Neon Night Wirebound Notebook
Second Chance: Neon Night Cover

Neon Night

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Nova 2024 Planner
Nova Wirebound Sketchbook
Nova Wirebound Notebook
Nova Undated Planner
Nova Twinbook


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Shroom Wirebound Sketchbook
Shroom Twinbook
Shroom 2024 Planner
Shroom Wirebound Notebook
Shroom Undated Planner
Second Chance: Shroom Cover Logo


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Evergreen 2024 Planner
Evergreen Wirebound Sketchbook
Evergreen Twinbook
Evergreen Wirebound Notebook
Evergreen Undated Planner


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Artist Collaboration: An Interview with Autumn / @artchiu

Explore the world vividly through the eyes of Autumn Chiu, comfortably known as @artchiu, as she experiments with colour and...

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