What is your idea of self-care and how do you go about it? When was the last time you had a good look at your mental health and made the active choice to work on it?


For this year’s Mental Health Awareness Month, Mossery wants you to know that facing ourselves and acknowledging the state of our mental health can be difficult.


The thought of opening up, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, and finding ways to heal matters just as much as acting on the desire to change.


Your thoughts count and when you’re ready to improve your mental health, we’ll be right here, taking the first steps with you.


This May, we want to remind you that all forms of progress count and that taking care of your mental health is something that is done mindfully.


With that in mind, we have reached out to several content creators to help guide you on your way to creating an environment where you can feel safe.




From journaling using Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy to more casual journaling prompts, and reminding our audience of small self-care acts, we hope that we can be with you every step of the way.


Sometimes, it isn’t so much doing the acts but having the intent to do so. We believe that your thoughts count, that that is the very first step to self-care. 


To kickstart your self-care journey, we've launched two blog posts to help you begin journaling using four Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy exercises and self-care prompts respectively. Feel free to check them out.


What are some of your personal acts of self-care? Comment below or DM us on Instagram @mosseryco


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