Mossery Inktober 2018 Zine

Raise your glasses, because our first ever Inktober 2018 zine is here and we’re thrilled to share it with you!

Inktober is an annual event for artists to discipline themselves by drawing for 31 days in a row based on a specific prompt list. If you’ve done it before, you’ll know that no matter how many times you’ve joined Inktober, it’s never an easy feat to achieve.

Mossery Inktober 2018 Zine

Ever since we’ve been creating our own Inktober prompt lists since 2017, we also saw how the tight-knit and supportive the community was, often encouraging one another over the month-long challenge.

We designed this zine with exactly that in mind—translating the same support into something physical: a handy publication that you could pick up anytime to seek inspiration with.

Mossery Inktober 2018 Zine

The Inktober 2018 zine features a selection of artists with their works coupled with a piece of creative advice. All the words are from the artist themselves, so it really gives you a glimpse of their processes and thoughts.

You can get a copy of the zine by purchasing any of our sketchbooks. We hope that as you create, these artists’ works and words will be the still, small voice that assures you to never entertain the thought of giving up.


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