What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Greeting Cards? Is it the envelope it comes in?


Or is it a celebration, the smell of a feast during festivities, or the thank-you cards you wrote to your family and friends?


Or do you recall the colourful birthday cards you gave and received over the years?


With the present digital age where technology is becoming more and more integrated in our lives, the importance of a ‘personal touch’ has slowly but increasingly returned to us.


Somehow, over the years, the digital cards that were all the rage back then no longer seem to cut it in the age of throwbacks and the vintage boom.


So are Greetings Cards still relevant in our lives, today? Read on to see why we think that it’s a solid yes:


Personalise Your Cards with Personal Wishes



You know the feeling of having a sturdy card in your hands is simply a different experience compared to a text message or an elaborate email sending you best wishes.


Greeting cards stand out for being a tactile experience, where you can actually hold the sender’s sentiment in your hands and keep it somewhere safe forever.


In that case, we now have prepared Greeting Cards for absolutely every occasion!


Whether it’s a birthday, a celebration, or just a little something for your special person, we have an array of Greeting Cards for you to choose from!


With the ability to personalise the cover of the Greeting Card to suit your occasion, you can make it more special by handwriting a personal message inside that no digital card would be able to replicate!


Sending Love Wherever You Are



In fact, receiving a Greeting Card in the mail strikes differently from the “ding!” you hear when you receive a text message or an email.


In this present climate of 2020, we are forced to spend time away from our closest family and friends either due to the recent pandemic or globalisation in general.


Hence, receiving a personalised token from the ones we cherish brings a different feeling to the table.


Wherever you are on the map, Greeting Cards can be sent right to your doorstep and convey the message that regardless of your distance from one another, the sender is thinking of you!


Enjoy knowing how the sender personally handpicked a card for you!


Keeping Your Memories Alive Through Tradition



Greeting Cards also evoke pleasant memories with our loved ones as the content of the cards are mostly things both the sender and receiver would have context of.


Not only that, Greeting Cards can be kept for many, many years and the sentiment and memories would still be intact, even with the yellowing of the paper.


In fact, try creating your own stories by starting or continuing a tradition with Greeting Cards!


Try keeping the cute and vintage tradition alive within your circle and also keep the connection between your family and friends strong!


It is also a thoughtful way to show your loved ones how much you care.


As you can see, Greeting Cards are a personal, thoughtful way to show others that you care.


Regardless of the occasion, there is always a Greeting Card that you can send!


On that note, feel free to choose your favourite from our Greeting Card collection here.


How do you show love, and which designs do you like best? Let us know by commenting below or tagging us @mosseryco on Instagram.


We would love to hear what you think about this post.

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