Has 2022 been kind to you? It is a question that leaves you reflecting on the rollercoaster of emotions from the year so far. It may feel like time has yet again slipped through our fingers and we feel stuck.

The buzz in our lives may even throw us off course from our intentions and emotions, however, the second half of the year is still in our grasp. 




To help you clutch onto the saving grace that is the second half of the year, we encourage you to take on a second chance, to give yourself that second chance.

With possibilities and opportunities lingering in the air, take on the chance with Half-Year Planners that will help you reset and rejuvenate for the months ahead of you. Planners are known to be tools that help your thought processes and help establish steps needed to achieve your goal.



Setting yourself up for the months ahead can be tricky and daunting, but as we navigate through our days one step at a time. Jotting it down on paper can help build progress as well as faith in yourself that you are, indeed reclaiming your year.

Make the year yours by gathering yourself on every page of a planner. Free yourself from the overwhelming thoughts and pour them out to relieve the tension between your shoulders.


 Fill and reflect on the crisp pages and guides printed on our Half-Year Planner, to make the months of July to December yours again! Personalize your 2022 Half-Year Planner, with a galore of beautiful covers as well as different page layouts to choose from! 


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