Growth in (Orbit)

Our upcoming 2024 Planner is designed to help you explore your inner self and inspire you to go on a quest to discover your purpose by providing introspective prompts and inspirational thoughts. The planner is intended to capture this idea by funnelling your vision into shorter, practical trips that guide you step-by-step toward your goals.

After countless rounds of feedback from the community and design reiterations, we’re happy to introduce you to the Mossery 2024 Planner.

Personal Pages

It starts with you. All Personal Pages include inspiration boards, for you to collect your favourite films, music, places, words to live by, and your role models. We also encourage you to think and reflect on your Priorities and define your Values and Beliefs. The last part of this section prompts you to plan three things that you would like to change, along with 8 pages of Dotted notes for important notes.

2024 Overview

This section begins with an overview of the 2024–2025 Calendar. Followed by a newly designed Yearly Overview layout, perfect to record important dates like anniversaries, birthdays, or milestones.

We have revamped our tracker into an improved Quarterly Tracker for you to keep track of your habits, projects, or goals. Draw Gantt charts and reflect on your progress towards achieving your goals. Gain clarity over four spreads, with the help of a mini calendar.

Monthly Planner

Every month starts with Plan and Review spread that prompts you to reflect and think for the month ahead. Our Monthly Planners give you clarity on upcoming events or tasks to do. That way, you can organise your month into one spread to gain a better understanding of how you spend your time.

Weekly Vertical Layout

Our Weekly Vertical layout is perfect for users who are more time-sensitive. Each day features time slots from 6 am to 12 am, for you to make more precise planning of your time. Keep an overview of your week with four columns of note space below, with checkboxes ready for you to create to-do lists. Whether you're a routine enthusiast or someone with a packed schedule full of appointments and events, this layout is made for you.

Weekly Horizontal Layout

Our classic Weekly Horizontal layout is back, where the seven days of the week are spread across two pages, with each day divided into plain and grid sections for you to write notes, create to-do lists, or simply keep track of time. This gives you more writing space in each section of the day. The bottom part of the layout includes space for additional notes, a mini calendar, and inspirational quotes to guide you along your planning journey.

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