What defines a year? Essentially, it's the Earth revolving around the Sun. We believe that a lot can happen in a year—for many, it can be a transformative opportunity for self-renewal and introspection.

Growth in (Orbit) is the theme that lies at the heart of our 2024 Planner. Just as planets orbit around the sun, we surround ourselves with things that propel us on the path towards personal growth.

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2024 Covers

It's only fitting that we design a new cover to capture the essence of our theme. Introducing Stellar a captivating representation of the relationship between Earth and Space. To give it that extra flair, it is printed with fluorescent pink ink to make the cover pop!

We also collaborated with Studio Sunprint to create two new covers: Sun Bamboo and Sun Hydrangea through a technique called cyanotype printing. These covers remind us of the harmonious relationship between art and nature, inspiring us to cherish and preserve the beauty that surrounds us.

2024 Planner Refills

We have reached a remarkable milestone in the 9th year of designing our annual Planners. It has been a journey of passion, dedication, and continuous refinement of our Planner design, all while maintaining a sense of familiarity. Check out our write-up for a more in-depth look at our latest 2024 Planner design.

Life in Progress Booklet

The new and upgraded Life in Progress booklet is a purposeful booklet, thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly fit into your Mossery books alongside our Regular Refills. It is designed to guide you to explore your Core Values, find your Purpose, and reflect on your journey while staying true to your Vision.

2024 Monthly Planner

This Thin Refill can be transformed into a Twinbook by pairing it with our Light Refills. As a result, it provides an ideal alternative for those who don't use a weekly planner and prefer a simple monthly planner and notebook combination.

We hope that our 2024 Planners could ultimately help us inch towards clarity through long-term thinking and mindfulness about how we spend our time.


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