Hello Planner People, this 2023 marks a new chapter for us! On 23 August 2022, we launched the Mossery 2023 Planner — and it has come with many many exciting changes!


From the very beginning, our planners were created to be companions. We built them to be a guide and helping hand, one which helps you make the most of your everyday and ultimately, life. And we’ve been able to do that, now with over 28,000 of you in our wonderful community!


Yet, over the years, we’ve realized the ways in which people do life have changed drastically. Living in more hectic and overwhelming times have brought forward new ways to combat it. That’s why, this year, we’ve embarked on a mission to build an airy yet freeflow planner to help you reclaim control and combat the overwhelm.


Throughout the months, we’ve taken the time to ask many of you what your experience with our Planners has been since their inception in 2016. (P.S. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us everything you love (and hate!) about one of Mossery’s earliest joys.)



With that, we took your feedback and have built a brand new planner! Here, we’ll be outlining in detail the changes to the 2023 Planners. (Though we do understand that this change might not be for all of you so read until the end to let us know your thought).



“I don’t use the personal pages, so I always end up wasting them.”


Created to be a fun yet personal anchor to face the new year, our personal pages got loads of mixed reviews. Some of you never used them, yet many of you loved them. So instead of getting rid of them completely, we’ve removed them from the 2023 Planner and have turned them into an optional booklet — the Life in Progress Booklet!



Inspired by our old personal pages, the Life in Progress Booklet is a guided 16-page booklet which helps you rediscover yourself, find your purpose, and plan your year ahead. With this, we hope many of you find your anchor once again.



“The pink highlighted Sundays were irritating to look at.”


When we began developing Mossery Planners, we chose to highlight Sunday’s column in pink to help provide a new focus — a reminder to reset for the week ahead. However, we’ve realized many of you view it as an impending deadline instead!


A planner is all about moving at your own pace. That’s why, this year, we’ve removed the pink highlight and have made it simpler, opting to highlight the word ‘Sunday’ alone.



“The habit tracker is ineffective.”


Initially placed at the beginning of every planner, our surveys tell us that tracking according to a whole year is pretty ineffective — and we agree! TThat’s why we’ve decided to move our Habit Trackers to each month, which now includes the additional to-do list and a dotted note page to plan your month!


With a monthly tracker, you can now redirect your focus to the present.



“The current layout gives me too much pressure, it isn’t helpful to actually plan my day.”


Initially created to be detailed and guided, many of you expressed that the old planner layous actually pressures you, forcing you to fill it up beyond necessity or leading you to feel dissatisfied. 


A planner feels best when it liberates you. We want you to be able to look back and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. 




The horizontal layout marks the 2023 Planner’s biggest change. Instead of having 7 days spread across 2 pages, we’ve moved the 7 days of the week into one page and turned the accompanying page into a page of dotted notes. 


One of the most common piece of feedback we got was that the space for each day was too big, too daunting —there was too much pressure to fill them up and looking back on them always felt disappointing due to all the empty space. 


With the new layout, while the space for them may seem limiting, it allows you to view your week at a glance, prioritize the tasks most necessary and turn the page next to it into a place for all your notes, reflections, and musings! With this, there is also ample space for your creativity to roam free (we’re looking at you bujo people!).


In order to complete the airiness of our new Planners, we’ve also turned all grid notes into dotted — a seamless guideline to your writing.





The Vertical layout while remaining mostly similar has some new additions! The vertical planner is best suited for meticulous planners, those to plan their day to the tee. Yet, in order to prepare for the day ahead, it’s also important to know the major events we have to face!


We’ve introduced extra at the top for you to note down all your important events or whole day affairs, such as birthdays, presentations, festivities, etc.


Once again, in order to complete the airiness of our new Planners, we’ve also turned all grid notes into dotted — a seamless guideline to your writing. 



What does this change mean for us?


This 2023 marks a big step forward into this season of change. Yet, we're ready to embrace all that comes with it — explore new things and take risks! We hope that you’ll be able to come along for the ride, no matter how bumpy, no matter the winds we face. 


Mossery has always been about helping people find their place, and we want to take it to the next level as we grow with old friends and meet new ones. Let us expand our horizons together and celebrate this Life in Progress.



Missing the old layout?

What about it do you miss? We always want to learn how to serve you better, tell us more here.


Nevertheless, the old weekly horizontal and vertical layout will remain the same for our undated planners. You may opt for that if you prefer the old layouts!


Posted 06 March 2023 at 09:51 by Sofia from Portugal

So excited about the new changes and looking forward to trying them out! Bring it on 2023!!

Posted 06 March 2023 at 09:52 by Lauren

I’m very happy with my current planner but I love the changes you’ve made for 2023 and that they’re based on feedback. Small tweeks based on direct response from customers will keep customers for life.

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