Be it a playlist, picture album or a book, everything is twenty times better when it’s specially made for you. At Mossery, we take delight in building personalised books to fit your needs and preferences.


For that reason, we’ve maximised options for cover designs, paper types, and cover personalisations to complement the myriad of ways our community could go about their book.


In this post, we’re delighted to bring you closer to your dream book by walking you through all the options and finding the one that benefits you the most.


Scroll down and discover the three simple steps for you to build your own Mossery Planner, Sketchbook and Notebook!


Step 1


Choose a cover



Choose a cover from more than 60 designs available in our collection, among which are over 30 covers designed by 15 talented artists we’ve collaborated with!


Here are some useful prompts you can start off with: Is there anything specific you like? A specific colour? Do you like animals? Do you prefer whimsical creations or shades of nature?


From the perky Cream Soda by @sugiyamaiko to our minimalistic Komorebi and Stone Speckle cover, there’s one for everyone!


If you find it hard to decide, we got you covered (pun not intended). Read our post here for fun recommendations as we tried picking covers for notable poets!


Step 2


Pick a paper type



The next step propels you to think deeper about your routine and how your book — down to the type of paper — should complement your needs.



For Planner seekers, pick between the two paper layouts available: horizontal layout vs. vertical layout. Read this guide to find one which layout works best for you.


While the vertical layout appeals to time-oriented users whose priorities are sorted out chronologically through the day, the horizontal layout fits project-based users who seek more space for creative expression while planning.



Do you prefer to take notes fast, or are you an avid mind-mapper?


For those who seek mental clarity by note-taking, choose between the four paper types available for your NotebookRuled, Dotted, Grid, and Plain — depending on your usage.


We’ve shared a more detailed recommendation in this article, where we’ve ascribed different paper types to different MBTI personality types.



If you’re an artist, consider our Threadbound or Wirebound Sketchbooks as the perfect canvas for your creations.


Depending on your medium, pick the best paper for your creative pursuits: Paint Marker 260gsm Paper for dry mediums, Watercolour 300gsm Paper and 100% Cotton Watercolour 300gsm Paper for wet mediums, and Mixed Media 224gsm Paper for both dry and wet mediums.


Not to forget, all our papers are acid-free and FSC-certified!


Step 3


Personalise your cover!



Time for the magic touch! The final step is to seal and make the book yours. What better way to do that than to emblazon your name on the cover?


Available in over 80 languages, wherever you are in the world, you can imprint your name, or even your favourite quote on your book cover. Choose between two fonts: Sans Serif or Brush Script.



If symbols are more apt to define yourself in the way words cannot, you can also opt for Personalisation+ options, such as Kaomoji, Emoji, Constellations, or Animal Emblems.


We believe that a book that showcases the gem that you are will not only turn heads, but is important to reflect your identity and remind you to strive to be your best, authentic self.


Sometimes, a good book can help you feel in control, remind you to seize your day, and anticipate the future! Each page is a chance for a new beginning in life, and you are the author.


Overall, we hope that this step-by-step guide could give you a better idea of how to personalise your own Mossery book.


What do you like most about our personalisation features? Or do you have any suggestions you would like us to add on? Do share with us in the comments below. We’re always exploring new ideas to enhance your Mossery experience!


Thank you to Faziera for this write-up :)


We would love to hear what you think about this post.

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