With the holiday season swinging in, everyone is gearing up to shop for the gifting season!


A great way to remind the special people in your life that you are grateful for them is to send them thoughtful gifts to show them that you care.


Now, when you clicked into this post, you must have been wondering, why should you shop at Mossery? Of all the stationery brands out there, what is it that sets us apart?


Well, read on for five solid reasons why Mossery can fulfil your gifting needs:



Handmade To Order



To start, all our books are handmade to order. This makes our books a premium gift that is deserving of your special receiver!


We have Mosslets on hand to make sure that all your books and papers are assembled by hand, giving you that personal touch you look for in a gift!



A Large Collection Of Gifts



Next, is that we have a large array of products that would suit your needs.


Whether you are looking for function, aesthetics, or both, we have something for everyone.


No matter the age or career path your receiver is on, our thoughtful stationery acts as high-quality gifts that will not lose their functionality with time.



We Personalise Your Gifts



Not only that, one of our best features is that we provide personalisation for our covers.


From adding their name through classy foil-stamping to decorating the front cover with either their zodiac constellations or their favourite kaomoji, your gift becomes one-of-a-kind.


Stylish and personal, labelling your books also comes with the function of easy categorisation!



We Care About The Unboxing Experience



With that in mind, we also take good care of making sure your gift is presentable and always ready to receive.


From the packaging design to the bubble wrap, ribbon, and paper, we prepare it all, nicely packed, before sending it to your receiver!


For an extra touch, you can even opt for our gift-wrapping service to add on to the overall unboxing experience!



We Ship Worldwide



Last but not least, we ship worldwide! With the pandemic ushering us to stay indoors, it seems that we are going to rely on online shopping more than ever before.


The only downside is that we may have to sacrifice meeting in person for now but we can still keep the tradition of gift-giving alive!


With that, Mossery fulfils all the criteria to be the perfect gift! Now, if you’re convinced, check out our Gift Guide page to pick the perfect one for your special someone!


Let Mossery be the surprise.


Are you convinced? If you have any questions, feel free to comment below so that we can convince you further!


To check out how Mossery may look when your receiver unboxes it, head on over to our Instagram page @mosseryco and look up our Unboxing highlights!


Thank you to @emaeilie and @elliholi for the lovely visuals!


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