Have you seen our new Art Kits? We have launched a carefully curated collection of premium art tools that is suitable for anyone with an interest in art.


Our goal is to create an accessible box that is applicable for both everyday use and spontaneous creation!


Whether you are thinking of getting one for yourself or as a gift for someone else, we decided to make this choice easier for you by providing a detailed explanation of each Art Kit to make sure you get your absolute perfect box!


To begin, we have curated three exclusive Art Kits that would act as either a beginner starter kit or a professional all-in-one instrument. Each box features one main art tool, an array of stationery, and accessories to pair with it:


Gouache Art Kit



The first of the three is the Gouache Art Kit, featuring the star of the show, a set of thirteen Gouache Tubes!


For beginners, Gouache is an opaque watercolour paint, meaning it can be applied in solid colours that allows you to paint in layers from dark to light with ease. When it dries, it also becomes water resistant!


Not only that, it is a watermedia that can stick to a variety of surfaces other than canvas and paper, making it perfect for those who think out of the box!


Try it out for yourself by letting your creativity flow on things outside of the Sketchbook. In fact, all of our Art Kit comes with a drawstring bag so go ahead and paint that to your liking!


In short, our Gouache Art Kit is suitable for anyone who is patient to master the medium.


It requires experience to handle but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to create paintings with a depth of colours and form.


Watercolour Art Kit



Coming in next is the Watercolour Art Kit that features a set of five Artists’ Watercolours Tubes!


Now, most of us are probably familiar with the well-known watermedia however, here is a quick introduction for those who need a little convincing!


To start, unlike common watercolours, the Artists’ Watercolour Tubes in our Art Kit are of the highest quality of paints as they contain greater quantities of fine pigment.


If you are looking to create luminous paintings, this would be perfect for you as the watercolour paint will come out light and translucent.


That, paired with our 100% Cotton Watercolour Paper Refill included in the Art Kit, you will find it easy to create broad even watercolour washes on our textured paper.


All in all, the Watercolour Art Kit will be perfect for those who enjoy painting on the spot, experimenting with colour and playing with blending effects. It is also a great starter for beginners looking for a weekend hobby!


Paint Markers Art Kit



Last but definitely not least, our Paint Markers Art Kit comes in a set of twelve colour paint markers!


Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can be rest assured that these Paint Markers are a fun way to let your imagination flow especially since the medium allows you to paint instantaneously!


There is no need to prepare the tool in advance so it is easy to just whip them out whenever you have a canvas ready.


This is particularly true since the markers, stationery and accessories in the Art Kit all conveniently fit in the drawstring bag included in every box.


With the markers coming in a variety of bright colours, are water-based and blendable, you can create a wide range of vibrant paintings whenever and wherever you want!


Therefore, our Paint Marker Art Kit would especially suit beginners for its quick to understand nature but also for professionals to remind themselves of the fun medium!


Overall, we hope that this quick introduction of our curated boxes could give you a better idea on which Art Kit to get for yourself or as a gift.


During the conceptualization of this launch, we wanted to help out our community by making sure you get the best of the best without having to go through the hassle of decision making fatigue.


So when you get the chosen box in your hands, we hope our Art Kit can provide you with the convenience and essential tools needed to start creating!


Which Art Kit have you decided on? Let us know in the comments below or tag us @mosseryco on Instagram! Make sure to film your unboxing as we can’t wait to share that with the world!


We would love to hear what you think about this post.

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