I’ve always been the kind of person who uses more than one notebook at a time because I like to separate my notebooks according to different functions and purposes. If you’re like me, you’re going to be thrilled about our new product.


Presenting to you—the Half-Year Planner + Notebook, our first ever Twin-System compatible product.


We designed the Half-Year Planner + Notebook to be light. With a single hardcover sleeve that fits a planner and a notebook of your choice, you won’t ever have to worry about mixing up your notes and schedules in the same book anymore.


You can now organise your thoughts with clarity while carrying the most minimal amount of weight around.


Also, it’s refillable! (cue: confetti) This means that you can now use your favourite covers continually while switching out your used text papers for brand new ones. Or vice versa—swapping different covers for different days or moods sounds exciting to us too!



What's the Twin System? Here's a quick FAQ for you:


What is it?

In short, we developed a way to more than one book into a single sleeve. This means that any products that are Twin-System compatible are able to fit two light threadbound books into one hardcover sleeve. Hence the name.


Will refills be available? 

We will only be selling refills to those who are purchasing Half-Year Planner + Notebooks at the moment. Light refills will be sold separately in the near future, so do stay tuned.


How about other text papers? 

We're already looking into providing more notebook options such as Grid and Plain Notes, but if you have any other suggestions, you can take this short survey and let us know! 



We’re excited for the days ahead and the different possibilities we’re about to explore in the near future. If you have any feedback at all, feel free to let us know — you can write to hello@mossery.co, we’d love speaking to you personally.


Posted 12 March 2020 at 10:39 by Andrea

Yay! Love this idea so much. I just ordered my Twinbook!
Unfortunately I had to choose 2 half-year planners because the notebooks are sold out at the moment. That being said, I am very excited for the refills to become available.

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