Whenever we have time to be alone, it can be difficult to find the right way to spend the few precious hours we have before the next task or appointment comes along. Sometimes there is too much to do and other times, there is nothing to do at all.


For that reason, we have prepared A Mossery Guide to Peaceful Isolation where we share with you a few ways you can make it rewarding.



Just a few things to be grateful for


We can start by doing a little self-reflection. Sometimes, we can become too detached from our inner selves that it becomes difficult to find peace.


Take this time to write ten things you’re grateful for in your notebook to center yourself among the hustle and bustle in life. Here are some other hard hitting questions you can explore:


• Have I made someone smile today?

• Am I holding on to something I need to let go of?

• When did I last push the boundaries of my comfort zone?


Get to Know Yourself

Don't let your environment hold you back


For those with a Mossery planner, this would be a great time to start filling up those Personal Pages to get to know yourself better.


Sometimes by writing it out, your thoughts are realized and it can help anchor your sense of self that otherwise would just be another bubble floating in your thought chamber. Ask yourself:


• Who are my role models?

• What are my words to live by?

• What are my values and beliefs?


Stay Mindful and Meditate

Close your eyes and breathe


It’s also a good idea to try meditating. Find a quiet spot in your home, close your eyes and take deep breaths.


You’d be surprised how rewarding it can be when you take even just ten minutes to feel the depth of your existence. To just Be.



Get Creative, Just Draw

"All over the place but my mind is here" - @giralka on her rabbit Patronus


Another way to expand your mind would be through broadening your creativity.


It could be trying out new art mediums, like switching from canvas to sketchbooks or even simply, to just draw. Here are a few prompts for those who are looking to go off with their drawings:


• Draw the design for your next tattoo

• Discover your Patronus Charm and draw your version of it

• What would you look like if you’re a character in a Ghibli film?


Reorganise your Space

"Reorganizing gives a sense of beginning and end to a project"- @elliholi


Once you’re done making art, your table is more likely to be a little messy. Take this time to start your Marie Kondo moment and reorganise or declutter your space.


A clean environment can really make a difference when it comes to productivity. Try asking yourself some of these questions when tidying up:


• Can I recycle this?

• Does this spark joy?

• Is there someone else who would enjoy it more than me?


Keep up a Good Habit

Slowly but surely you will get there


This is also a fantastic time to start building good habits for yourself. As we grow older, simple things like exercising, staying hydrated and having a good sleep schedule can greatly affect our mental and physical health.


So let’s try our best so our future self will thank us. Here are some things you can think about when tracking your habits:


• How did this make me feel?

• What worked and what didn't?

• How else can I expand on this habit?


Plan out your Goals

Set a goal and work towards it


Planning out your goals would also be constructive for your future.


Maybe start drafting out your novel idea or that comic series you have been thinking of. Alternatively, you can even begin your study plans for the next school semester.


Learn a New Skill

It's never too late to start something new


Try out new recipes, look up courses on coding, writing, photography, or even start a new language.


The journey to self-improvement never ends and you’re never too young or too old to try adapting a new skill. Not sure what to pick up? Try thinking about:


• What were my childhood dreams?

• How can I expand on my hobbies?

• What do I wish to know more about?


Pick up Where You Left Off

Time to play catch up


You can also take this time to catch up on all the media you have unwillingly left behind.


For instance, the book you got too busy to complete, the series you dropped after two episodes, the film everyone has been raving about or revisiting a podcast you loved.


Slow Down and Take Care

Relax, take it easy


After all is said and done, maybe you can just use this time off to take a self-care moment. Slow down and take a breather.


Make a cup of tea, put on your face mask, run your bath water and throw in a bath bomb. It’s the least you can do after all that you have done.


Although there are plenty of things to do during your getaway, the most important thing after a rest is to come back stronger. We hope our little guide can help you use your time to the fullest and that we get to see some of your examples of peaceful isolation soon.


Share your moments with us on Instagram with the hashtag #peacefulisolation!


Special thanks to @giralka and @elliholi for their lovely artwork.




Posted 13 April 2020 at 10:09 by Sarah

Loving these isolation posts on Instagram … very inspiring! TY

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