“Dip your toes into Yoriyuki’s Pursuit of Hope through the land of reveries and adventure.” 

Japanese illustrator and artist, Ikegami Yoriyuki encapsulates an otherworldly reflection of nature, transporting you into a world of magical realism.

She articulates an immersive and vibrant world, imbuing life into each of them which has become a fan favorite in Mossery. Her new collection features dreamy landscapes, adorable characters, and magical palette of colors.

Read on to learn more about her inspiring creative process this time around, her aspirations in her artist journey so far and more!




Hi Yuki! It’s been awhile since we last spoke, we hope everything is well with you. What have you been up to these days? 

Hello! Recently, I have had many opportunities to paint for work. I have more opportunities to create digitally, and the range of art materials I use has expanded.





We’re beyond excited to be working with you again! This will be the second time you collaborated with Mossery on a collection of Notebook Covers, what was the creative process like this time around? 


The soap bubbles picture turned out to have a more dreamy atmosphere than my usual pictures. I had trouble choosing colors many times during the production, but I think I ended up with good colors. It was the first time I painted a pink sky.




In this new collection, it emphasizes on experiencing and giving hope and wishes. What do you wish our users to experience and feel with this new collection?


I myself rediscovered the joy of playing with colors by drawing this cover illustration. I am happy if I can give colorful ideas to those who use the notebook.




In our previous interview, you mentioned that the world of these covers are continually expanding — that you’d like to bring these characters to many different places. With these covers, the bunny and tiger have made a return — where are they this time?


They are the image of the same world line as last time, but in a different place in time. I usually paint only on the ground, so it feels good to paint the sky and expand my view of the world.




The themes explored in your artworks are adventures and dreams which bring out the child in all of us. Is there any childhood memory/story that helps you in your creative process of making art?


Living in a place with abundant nature during my childhood was a great experience for me. My current paintings also reflect that experience. I feel at home when I draw plants and insects.




For the curious cats out there, tell us more about what your creative process is like from day to day?  


I often sketch plants and the tropical fish I keep. Even the same fish looks different depending on my condition at that time. It is very enjoyable to preserve such small differences in my paintings. It is almost like keeping a diary.




Creative burnout has become a common occurance nowadays especially with its negativity surrounding it. What would you say is your favorite wind-down/recharging routine to help you through burnout? 


I believe it is important to be interested in a variety of things to prevent burnout. If I focus only on one thing, I tend to narrow my perspective and stick to my own ideas. 




The last time we spoke, you mentioned that Japanese manga had a big influence on your art style. Were you inspired by any manga for these covers? If not, what were your sources of inspiration this time?


I was into drawing soap bubbles around this April. I enjoy using colors that I don't usually use in my paintings. Also, the painting of the flower garden at night was inspired by my experience of actually visiting the rose garden. A landscape with flowers blooming and spilling over enriches the heart. I wanted to reproduce this in my painting.



As an artist, what is next in store for your future creative journey and what are your hopes and wishes for your future self as an artist?


My wish is that I am healthy and continue to paint.


What advice would you give to aspiring artists who wish to pursue and create art but struggle to put it into paper? 


This is a common answer, but I have recently felt that it is important to develop physical fitness in order to paint. To improve my physical fitness, I recently started walking. When I walk along unusual paths, I discover plants and insects that I do not know, see cats that I have never seen before, and realize that a world I do not know exists right beside me. And when I learn something I don't know, I want to paint it. I would recommend taking a walk to take a break from creating.



Trivia question! If you could transport yourself into a fictional world and stay there forever, where would you go and what kind of character would you be?


I want to be a piece of sushi and ride around the conveyor belt sushi lanes. I like sushi. I have been looking at sushi from a human perspective, so I would like to see the world from a sushi perspective. But I am afraid of being eaten, so I want to be a food display sushi.



Japanese artist, Ikegami Yoriyuki always paints with the intention to gift as her illustrations whisper life into the characters and the world they inhabit. Find her on Instagram here.


These vibrant and magical covers, Bubble Wishes & Fairy Lanterns, are now available for Planners, Notebooks, Sketchbooks, and Twinbooks. Yoriyuki Art Prints & Notecards are now available too! 


Browse the extended collection here!


Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram at @mosseryco in your pictures or unboxing clips when you receive yours, we’d love to see them!



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