Sometimes we need to step away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life and get lost in nature.


From lying on soft grassy plains, to blowing your wishes on flower petals, you'll find that the world offers us much more comfort than you think.


We welcome our next artist collaborator, Yoriyuki, whose heart-lifting covers, Bloom and Harvest could brighten the darkest of days.

Read on to learn more about her thoughts on commercial and personal artwork, her reccuring fictional characters, and more—



Hi Yoriyuki, we’re delighted to have you here! To kickstart this interview, could you tell us more about yourself?


Hello! I live in Japan. I like living things and music.



Your covers are drawn with such detail, the tranquil world they portray is wonderfully captivating. What sort of mood did you want to convey through these two pieces?




It was right in the season of strawberries when I started painting these pictures. Seeing those fruits bearing filled me with so much joy that it made me want to turn that scene into a painting.


I was also delighted that as spring came and flowers began gradually blooming, life is filled with more and more vibrant colours. Thus, I painted Bloom to capture that sense of happiness.



The characters in your covers have made recurring appearances in many of your other artwork, and these two covers seem to portray scenes from a bigger, hidden story. Could you tell us more about the story of the girl with bunny ears, the bunnies, the tiger and the horse?




Indeed, I have been repeatedly drawing these characters, but I actually have no set backstories decided for them. Still, whenever I paint, new stories of these characters keep popping up.


I feel delighted that the world in which my paintings’ inhabitants live in has been expanding each year. I’d also like to bring them to many different places, from now on.



What are your biggest influences when it comes to your art style?


日本の漫画の影響が大きいと思います。小さい動物が出てくる漫画やアニメ を好んでみていた記憶があります。


I think Japanese manga had a big influence on me. I remember that I liked to watch cartoons and anime with small animals.



Between painting traditionally and drawing digitally, would you say that you prefer one over the other? In any case, how do you feel when you’re painting with these two mediums respectively?




I like that I am being able to paint more intuitively when it comes to the traditional medium. As for drawing digitally, it’s also extremely handy to be able to draw anywhere without carrying my art tools everywhere.



As an artist who has collaborated with musicians, writers and more to create commercial artwork, how do you segregate between creating for yourself and creating for others, or do you think of both types of art as one and the same?




When it comes to my own art, it’s quite often that I am given the privilege to create as I desire, even if it’s a commissioned work.


When I paint, I paint with the sentiment of making a gift for “something” (a person, an animal, or even seasons, etc.) in mind. As for commercial art, it’s gratifying to be able to create an artwork according to the client’s wishes.


Even if what we say is different from what we mean, it seems like through art, we’re conversing properly with the person we want to talk to.



How do you know when an artwork is complete? When do you think is the right time to stop?


絵が描き終わる時はジグソーパズルが完成するときの感覚に似ています。 最後のピースが自分の頭の中で収まったら、終わりです。


When I complete an artwork, it is similar to the feeling I get when I complete a jigsaw puzzle. When the last piece fits in my mind, I'm done.



Could you share with us your sources of inspiration that might surprise us? What other things in life inspire the story you tell in your art?


例えば靴下が片方なくなったとか、ホットケーキがうまく焼けたこととか、 お風呂の電球が切れたとか…


I think all the trivial things in daily life are connected to my paintings.


For example, when one of my socks went missing, when my pancakes cooked well, or when the light bulb in the bathroom went out...



For aspiring artists with a story to tell but unsure of where to begin, what do you think would be helpful for the starting of their journey in art?


たくさん絵を描くしかないと思います。絵に意図をうまく込めるのは難しい ですよね、私もいつも悩みながら描いています。


I think the only way is to draw a lot. It is difficult to insert one’s intention into the picture well, and I still always have trouble with it.



Trivia question! If you could have any animal or magical creature in the world as a pet companion, what would it be and why?


1000年以上生きているカメと話すことをよく想像しています。カメは私が昔から飼っている身近な生き物です。世界の歴史を知っているよ うな亀の目が好きです。私の知らないことをたくさん教えてくれそうです。 そして穏やかな彼らにはなんでも話せそうな気持になります。 仙人が好きなので『1000年以上生きている亀』と書きました。


I often imagine talking to a turtle that has lived for more than a thousand years. Turtles are creatures I’m familiar with as I have kept them as pets for a long time.


I like the eyes of turtles because they look like they know the history of the world, and seem to teach me a lot of things I don’t know.


When they look at me, I feel as if they can see through me. I feel like I can talk to them about anything. Also, I like hermits. Hence “turtles that have lived for more than a thousand years.”



Bonus question! Do tell us about the exciting upcoming projects in line for you!


今年は東京とソウルで個展の予定があります。最近はその準備をしていま す。


This year, I have solo exhibitions scheduled in Tokyo and Seoul. Recently I have been preparing for it.


Yoriyuki is an artist based in Japan and you can find her on Instagram @yoriyukiii and her website here.


Our new covers, Bloom and Harvest are now available for Planners, Notebooks, and Sketchbooks so check them out now!


Keep your heart open and let the world lead you to what you’re looking for.


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