Inktober has become a worldwide phenomenon since its inception in 2009. What started as a personal exercise by the creator transformed into a platform that allowed people — beginners and masters alike — to let their imagination and creativity run free.

This year, as we’ve done the year before, we decided to feature thirty-one artists’ works throughout the month of October. We asked them to create a piece based on one of our prompts and in addition, we also had them answer a question that gave us a glimpse into their creative process.

We’re excited to share with you on how and why we started this initiative.




If we stay true to ourselves and make our own path, we will get where we need to be. — @kasvei, Day 12, “Complete”

Life as an independent artist can be tough. More often than not, we hear about artists' careers being belittled and other unjust situations happening in the creative world.

Hence, we wanted to give artists the spotlight and credit that they properly deserve — we love sharing good things with our friends, and Inktober gave us the perfect opportunity to do so. 




I think style is just not limited to a visual one, but it also includes concept, storytelling, composition, and many more. — @polamelia, Day 15, “Seep”

As every artist interprets a distinct prompt, it serves as a source of inspiration for those who may feel stuck on certain days in the midst of Inktober. Each piece shows us how the artist sees the prompt and tells a unique story based on it.

We look forward to building a community who are always learning from one another and teaching each other to be better, this is just one small stepping stone to achieving that.




I find that the best way to improve and to overcome artist’s block is to draw everyday. — @lovesoup, Day 18, Shimmer

Whether it’s creating their routines or discovering their styles, we get to read real stories in each piece about the artists’ lives, revealing their personal journeys to pursue their passions.

It’s also a reminder that there are always plenty of unseen time and efforts poured into their works, and we wanted to make sure people understand the reality of that.


Routines are essential for growth, but so is flexibility and finding ways to make it work on the fly. — @angelynpeh, Day 25, “Prick”

Our community has played an integral part in building us up to where we are today, and we cannot be more thankful for each person that makes up this huge family. We’re looking forward to embarking on more initiatives like this in the future, so if you have any bright ideas to bring people together, let us know!

You can see all thirty-one artworks here—take in every piece and be inspired at your own pace.


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