Having spent long periods of time in a state of uncertainty, we are collectively falling into an emotional rut – leaving us devoid of motivation, aim, happiness, and unable to pinpoint how we feel. 


What if we told you there is a term that perfectly describes this emotion? Called “languishing”, this feeling emerges in our absence of purpose, clouding our drive to get through the day. To overcome this, you can bring purpose into your everyday life.


As we emerge from this post-pandemic norm, it’s important to not let this stagnant feeling carry on. Living every day purposefully despite circumstances is the key to healing your minds and hearts, as they grow and flourish.


With that, here are 5 steps you can take to make your everyday purposeful.




Take Good Care of Yourself



When working remotely, there is barely a line between the office and home when all is done in the same room. It can be easy to overlook or forget to do simple things, like drinking enough water or stretching your legs.


One way to give yourself some breathing space is through the Pomodoro method. Split your entire work duration into 25 to 30-minute intervals, and have 5-minute breaks between each interval.


During those breaks, you can dance, stretch, snack, hydrate — do whatever you like to keep yourself rejuvenated. At the end of the day, listen to your body and replenish any nutrients you might miss. By taking care of your body, you allow your mind to reset.


It can be hard to stay engaged and positive when you don’t feel your best, but remember to show compassion to yourself by nourishing your body and mind. Allow yourself to have fun and relax for optimum productivity throughout the day.




Make Meaningful Connections



Being in isolation can be difficult as our daily human-to-human interactions seldom come by. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends and family during this time. Odds are, they’re seeking your company too and would welcome an invite for a quick chat.


Make weekly calls with your loved ones and just talk! Talk about your worries, hopes, and dreams. Healthy relationships built on consistency are the cornerstone of making meaningful connections.


Do also connect with your colleagues or make new friends by joining online workshops. Not only will this expand your social circle, but it can also make you feel less alone through engaging with various people.




Get Into a State of Flow



When feeling languished, a way to remedy this is by getting into a state of flow. As isolation orders were put into place, many of us have felt more burned out than ever before.


Being in a state of flow involves being fully immersed in something you love or something new that you’ve always wanted to try. That’s when our creativity levels are at their highest where we can accomplish more with less effort.


Try doing things that challenge you. Channel your creative energy into a productive activity, such as painting, learning to knit, or indulging in writing. The sense of accomplishment derived from it is a great confidence booster and mood regulator.







Some of you may find yourself having ample time to contemplate, think, and self-reflect. Try naming your feelings and identifying how certain situations make you feel. You’ll find it easier to take action when you’ve familiarised yourself with your mind space.


Keep a journal. Writing down your ideas, feelings, and doubts can help streamline your thought process, untangling any uncertainties. By having your values visualised on paper, you can clear out the path that directs you towards your purpose.


If you’re unsure about how to start, click here to check out some therapy-based journaling prompts!




Setting Goals



Start small when setting goals. Being realistic about your goals and ideals avoids the cycle of feeling defeated when you don’t reach them. Making goals based on your current capacity will enable you to feel good about yourself and what you’ve done.


Celebrate every win, no matter how small. Do what makes you happy and feel good. If the win was waking up early and having a quick breakfast, celebrate it. If the win was cooking your own dinner, celebrate it. You can even track your wins in our planner's habit tracker, and rejoice as your smalls wins accumulate!


These little joys will snowball, as you gain momentum in life and begin to identify bigger joys to pursue. Initially, it can be hard to get started. But by consistently making these small progressions, you will eventually lead yourself to big, meaningful changes.


Thank you Farah for this writeup! We hope these tips will help you in making your everyday purposeful. Live your life intentionally and by your own accord. Then, watch as your soul flourishes, reviving your drive.


On that note, we're happy to announce that we've launched our 2022 Planner. Check them out here! Stay tuned to @mosseryco for more exciting things lined up in the coming weeks.



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