When it comes to calligraphy, even the most simplest words can turn into beautiful and heartfelt sayings. For our writers and calligraphy enthusiasts, here's the kit for you!


Let's welcome calligrapher Inez Tan as she teaches you the basics of copperplate calligraphy with the curated Calligraphy Kit.

Read on to learn more about Inez, her thoughts on self-taught calligraphy, the different scripts out there and more—



We’re happy to have you here, Inez! How about a self-introduction before we continue the rest of the interview?


Thank you for the opportunity! I’ve had so much fun working together. Hello everyone, my name is Inez Tan and I am a calligrapher.


Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. I started my calligraphy journey in 2014 when I was in between jobs and I’ve loved it ever since.



Your Calligraphy Workbook is descriptive and easy to follow! As a calligraphy educator, how different is the Workbook designing experience compared to teaching in-person?


The workbook gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace. In-person workshops are sometimes limited to a certain time frame and you have to squeeze in all the information in one sitting.



What is the biggest challenge you have encountered while curating the Calligraphy Art Kit, and what is your favourite part of the process?


The biggest challenge would have to be getting the words and alphabets to look good on the workbook, but I’m glad I have an awesome team who managed to do it right! My favourite part is definitely making my metallic watercolours for the kit.



Besides learning the basics of calligraphy, what else do you wish our customers will gain from using the Calligraphy Art Kit?


A new form of relaxation through writing... Like meditation but with a pen and nib.



As a self-taught calligrapher, what do you believe is the most important thing when it comes to learning something from scratch, on your own?


Definitely do research before learning anything, as it’s harder to unlearn a way of doing something than to learn it. 



Words produced under your pen are fluid and free, yet crisp and regal. How did your calligraphy style come to be developed, and what were the challenges in your way?


Learning different scripts and having a lot of amazing calligraphers to look up to helped me a lot. I think there’s still a lot to learn and experiment with calligraphy, but I’m glad we have so many resources now.



Your journey after discovering calligraphy is impressive! Now, with the ongoing venture into developing metallic watercolour for calligraphy, what else do you hope to achieve with your craft?


Thank you! I would love to continue learning and mastering more scripts. The list is endless!



Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring artists out there?


Practice makes progress!



Could you share with us your sources of inspiration that might surprise us?


I think music and nature give me a lot of inspiration. When you’re writing it really puts you in the mood depending on what you’re listening to.



Trivia question! What quote would you find to be funny if written in calligraphy?


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :)


Inez Tan is a calligrapher from Malaysia and you can find her on Instagram here.

Our new Calligraphy Kit is now available and shipping worldwide. Pre-order yours today to kickstart your calligraphy journey!

We hope you enjoy this curated collection as much as we do and we look forward to seeing you all learn the techniques behind calligraphy.

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