When you come home from a long and tired day, what is more comforting and loving than the presence of your pet?


To be able to see their furry little faces, so innocent and full of love for you, anyone would be able to smile.


We look through the lens of our next artist collaborator, Min, and pay tribute to our furry companions with the two new covers: Comfort Cat and Dog Chase.


Read on to learn more about her colour blocking style, her career change into a full time artist, and more—



Hello Min, We're excited to have you here! How about a self-introduction to begin the interview?




現居台北的專職插畫家,擅長在可愛的畫面中帶點衝擊的色彩、奇怪的故事。 興趣是吸狗。


I’m an illustrator, currently residing in Taipei. My strong suits include colour blocking and bringing out the weird and the curious in what is meant to be a cute artwork.


Also, I love dogs!



The two cover designs you did are adorable! They remind us about the simple joys in everyday life. Tell us about your creative process behind them.






I mainly found inspiration from my daily interactions with my furry child, and I tried my best to capture those ‘not sure whether to laugh or be mad’ kind of moments.



What do you wish our users will feel when they get your covers?






I wish everyone, especially those who own pets, find the covers relatable and would think: “Yes! That’s exactly how my cat/dog acts!” upon seeing them.



We've found that pets or animals are common subjects of your artworks. Why is that?






I’ve liked animals since I was young. I loved watching animal channels and even once dreamt of becoming a vet!


Growing up, I’ve had many different pets who grew to be subjects I observe a lot, so drawing them came much easier and naturally.


I also really wanted to showcase the beautiful, adorable and goofy facets of these animals through my drawings, and let everyone get to know this side of them.


The subjects in your artworks have quirky proportions and you seem to have an affinity for colour blocking. Tell us more about your art style.






I’ve actually tried my hands at many other styles, but I came to realise that I’m a straightforward person with little patience, which is why detailed art styles don’t suit me.


This, along with my strong interest in colour combinations, has contributed to the development of my current style.


Having studied graphic design in college has also influenced the way I think about composition.


Besides, I like artworks that tell stories. That’s why I often crop my illustrations and leave it to the viewer to imagine the rest.



How would you describe yourself as an artist?






Well, I think I’m a happy-go-lucky person, the sort that doesn’t worry much.


I just do my best in everything and believe that everything will work out in the end.


(But it surely seems like being in this state enables me to produce good work most easily)



We’ve read that you’ve become a full-time illustrator in 2020! How do you feel about being able to pursue art as a career?






Very happy! From being able to work on personal projects to receiving new projects of different themes, I feel like I’ve grown a lot.


However, at the same time, it’s harder to separate the time between drawing for leisure and for work.


I’m slowly trying to adapt, but I guess this is a common hurdle to be faced by all full-time creators.



Could you share with us your sources of inspiration that might surprise us?






Maybe it’s my subconscious mind messing with me, but I get my inspiration either before bed or during my midnight bathroom detour.


It’s often very sudden, like “BAM!” and a complete scene would appear.


If I remember it, I’ll draw it out, but it’s quite often that I didn’t note it down and forgot about it by the next day, haha.



Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring artists out there?




多畫就對了!Just draw more!



Trivia question! What is your favourite comic and which character would you be? 






I really like Hunter x Hunter! It would be cool to be the character Hisoka who’s incredibly strong but also psychotic!


Min is an artist based in Taipei, Taiwan and you can find her on Instagram @minminmin_111 and her linktree here.


Our new covers, Comfort Cat and Dog Chase are now available for Planners, Notebooks, and Sketchbooks so check them out now!


Reminisce your daytime adventures during your nighttime ruminations.


We hope you enjoy these covers as much as we do! Remember to tag us with your unboxing clip @mosseryco on Instagram so we can share it!


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