Work and academics can take up a lot of our time and energy. Sometimes, you want to have a thriving career and other times you just want to absorb as much knowledge as you can.


We know it can be a difficult process and it’s only natural to crave an outlet for creative expression. Hence, here are 3 ways you can do just that:



Ask yourself: What’s Stopping You?


It's okay to take a break


You might have gotten too busy, it might have suddenly felt like a task, but before you can make any quick conclusions, it’s important to sit down and really ask yourself why you’re no longer doing the things you used to do.


Here’s what you can do:


• List down the reasons on your notebook about why you haven’t been creating

• Think of ways to overcome them, make it better for yourself

• Analyse your life and let go of habits and actions that are hindering you



Make Time


Time is what you make of it


If you really want something, you should try your best to make it work. After all, once you get past the difficult stage, it only gets easier from here.


So let’s try putting time aside for your creative self expression by:


• Picking a day that allows more time

• Choose a time of day that you feel most comfortable with (morning, afternoon, evening)

• Think about how much time you’d want to spend for this activity

• Write all this down on your planner

• Set an alarm to remind you it’s time to start and time to end



Consume & Create


Let your mind run free


Once you’ve figured all that out, you should keep the ball rolling! You can do this by exploring the many media and art platforms that are available out there.


Although it’s fulfilling to create, relieve that pressure of yourself and enjoy what others have done. The easiest way to start creating is by jotting interesting things down on a sketchbook.


For example, it can be notes from a podcast or quotes from a film. Even a random tweet can spark ideas so go ahead, the world is limitless.


As long as you make an effort to do the things that matter to you, it will come a day when doing these things are as mindless as breathing to you. All this is just to set up a good foundation for you to work on but after that, it’s in your freedom to evolve it into something better for yourself.


We hope these tips have helped you see that these things are manageable and possible to accomplish! Let us know if they worked for you.


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Thank you to @giralka for her lovely artwork!


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