We are no strangers to procrastination. In fact, most of us are somewhat all too familiar with the word that just reading it creates a visceral reaction.


However, we are here to remind you that you are not alone and in fact, this is a common problem that most of us are facing.


So, we decided to look up the concept of procrastination and found out that procrastination isn’t just a run of the mill excuse for laziness. It’s very likely that we avoid executing a task because our brains consider it as a threat.


“So, how do I overcome this?”


Well, it’s actually pretty simple but we would need you to cooperate with us to make it work. Here, we have created a step by step manual where with the right effort, you can eventually graduate out of procrastination.


Step 1

What feeling is causing my procrastination?

Let your thoughts flow freely


Sometimes we think we know what we are feeling but to tell you the truth, that is hardly ever the case. Unless we are hyper-conscious of our mind, it’s very likely we are not 100% sure what’s happening in our head at all times.


So, ask yourself this and list down as many possible reasons in your journal as to why you are avoiding this task. This way, you can see it all laid out for you. Only then you can slowly work your way towards the next step.


Step 2

What's the first thing to do to complete this task?

Break your tasks down


Whatever you are working on, it must be overwhelming. That is why your brain is avoiding it. An easy way to make it manageable is to break it down into smaller goals. For example, if you are writing a twelve-page essay, start by creating a mind map on your notebook, then outline the essay.


This breakdown helps you stay on track of your progress and detailing your work can help ground the seemingly intimidating task. Once, you see how you can complete your goal step by step, your workflow will naturally become smoother.


Step 3

How do I keep myself on track?

Be proactive with cultivating productivity


Now that the task seems more manageable, here is the fun part. Start thinking of the possible obstacles that might hold you back. This way, you become not only aware of the things you should not do, but also actively try to overcome them.


For example, getting distracted on your phone is an obstacle, so write that down in your journal and make it a point not to. Better yet, download an app on your phone that locks you out until a certain time is up. Keep yourself accountable and that will help you continue working on the task until it’s done.


Step 4

How can this be a better experience?

Treat yourself to keep yourself motivated


By the end of the day, work is still work but you can still make it a better experience by doing small joyful actions in between to get the task done sooner.


For example, if you’re writing on a notebook, use your favourite pen, it’s a small gesture but it makes it easier. Other than that, take small breaks or have a little treat in the middle to give yourself some positive reinforcement.


We understand that work can be difficult and it’s very tempting to leave it to the last minute and wait for that adrenaline to complete the work for you


Get the pages to work for you


However, as you grow older, you will realise that that is not the right way to do things. Not only can it be harmful to you mentally, staying up late and not eating, just to get work done is physically harmful too.


So make the responsible choice and take care of yourself. Try these 4 steps and see if it works for you. Let us know and let’s overcome this together!


Do you have extra tips to add on to the manual? Comment below or tag us @mosseryco on Instagram!


Special thanks to @giralka for her art!


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