How many of you have taken online personality tests in efforts to get to know yourself better? 


Personality tests can be arbitrary but sometimes surprisingly accurate! It really depends on the individual however, it's almost always an interesting experience to watch ourselves pick answers we never really thought about.  


So as part of Celebrating You, we thought it would be interesting if we turned the tables around and have the Mossery Team take the tests instead!


With that, we got eight members of our team to take part in taking three of the more well-known online personality tests out there to review the process and share their answers.


If you have ever wondered about the team behind Mossery, read on to get a sneak peak into who we are and get to know us a little better


DISC Personality Testing



The most and least format can be kind of confusing and needs getting used to. Not very fond of it as it requires me to put in twice the thinking & deciding effort……(I’d prefer to only think once a day and not having to decide on anything). However, I like that the questions cover not only work but social and personal aspects too.



My result is a “blend of both” Supportive and Cautious and I think it’s cool that they don’t limit you to only one type. The descriptions are pretty spot on and I can say that with confidence because I have taken every personality test that has ever existed so I know too much of myself now but I’d love for it to be more in-depth!




SO MANY STEPS TO GET TO THE RESULT. Anyway, I got S (Supportive), just like my scoliosis. Apparently I have a lot of supportive traits LOL.



Never heard of this test but excited to try. I’m a “blend of both Supportive and Cautious traits,” but the description was pretty vague and general, it felt like I spent so much time on the test only to get results I already know (from other personality tests I’ve done), only with less detail.


4/10, would not really recommend, loading was pretty slow and the UI was not interesting, didn’t help me get through the lengthy process.



Never heard of this test, but I got C (Cautious) which is somewhat accurate. Some of the answer choices were hard to choose from as I didn’t agree with one specific answer. Not much range and variety in terms of types of answers. But it touched on some social aspects which were a good addition. Overall 5.5/10




Results- DISC: Cautious/Dominant



Tried the DISC test, didn’t like the format of it, but got through it anyway. I got Inspiring and Supportive, with a description that says I’m very people-oriented and that I probably like social gatherings. Since this is to determine my personality type at work, I guess it’s pretty accurate.



The description was kind of short but you can pay for a full DISC report with the money you don’t have. Overall, I rate it 6/10




I’ve never heard of this test but some of my team members have taken it! The results sound pretty interesting so I’m excited to try it out. However, when taking the test, there are multiple answers in a choice so it makes it difficult to choose an accurate answer.


Especially when I agree with one point but not the other so it makes the choices unrelatable at times. The questions also feel unconvincing at times.


Overall, I got I/SC which stands for Inspiring, Supportive, and Cautious. I think the results are pretty accurate but the description is too short for me to have any deep introspection. A 5/10 experience.



I did this test before in high school but this time I got C and D, Cautious and Dominant. Almost the opposite as my results back then.


I don’t like my results (I don’t think I’m domiNANT) but then again we tend to view ourselves as the person we want to see rather than what we are so I don’t know.


Must I rate sobs. I don’t like (This my bias speaking because I don’t agree with the results). A bit vague, results sounded quite general. 5/10 (?)


Enneagram of Personality



The statements are kind of vague to start with. I find that the ‘yes, no, partly’ format is particularly rigid and is not the best way to answer a few of the statements, especially when they are actually two statements combined.


Also, because of this rigidity, I find myself choosing ‘partly’ for most of the answers and I don’t think this leads to very accurate results.


I’m a 5w6 or 6w5 (The Investigator & The Loyalist) and the results touch mainly on fear and anxiety, especially for Type 6. On one end, it’s a good way to bring to light the weaknesses that you should be working on but on the other, it’s not very pleasant or helpful to just read negative things about yourself.


Compared to the other types, Type 6 reads as such an inferior group - instead of feeling like ‘the loyalist’, now I just feel like ‘the anxious’ 😩 Overall, not a very fun experience.



I got 5w4, The Investigator. It’s pretty accurate and explained briefly. The statements in this test felt a bit repetitive to me. Or maybe that’s just the effect of taking 3 personality tests in one go. Overall, I think this one’s my favourite result. I feel like it’s more straightforward.


I don’t really feel like I’m learning anything new about myself. Most of the time I just take these tests to reassure myself about what I know so far about me. Sounds self-centered but if you don’t know yourself, it’s hard to navigate in relationships.



I got 4w5, The Individualist. Being given only 3 answer options seemed to force me to decide on one thing, which made the process a bit smoother. The description of my type felt accurate, but would appreciate it if they suggested how to counter type’s weaknesses.



This test was actually interesting and dove deep into various aspects of life and behaviors. Very length, 14 pages, hence time consuming. I’m apparently a type 3w2, so I’m The Achiever?


Some of the statements are worded very vaguely so it was hard to put down an answer. Type 3 says that I need validation which is true I guess… It feels good to be appreciated for your work. Overall it was a good test, 6.5/10




Results- Enneagram: 1w2 (The Reformer)



Gosh, this was a really long test. Nobody has time for a 14-page personality test! Also, I think I answered “partly” to almost everything. But anyway, I’m a Type 9w1 which means I’m The Peacemaker with a Reformer wing.


The description of the result I got was much more detailed than the DISC one, which I appreciate since I spent so much time answering all the questions.


I agree with the result, I think it’s an accurate description of my personality. Overall, I rate this 7/10




I have taken this test before in highschool and I got a 4w5 so I do wonder what I am now. It’s….14 pages...but because of that it also feels very thorough so it feels like the results could be more accurate.


Not only that, the questions are pretty interesting because they get you to think more in depth about yourself but sometimes the questions are worded in a way that can be confusing.



The choices of ‘Yes, Partly, No’ seems to lack range as well, it looks like she is not an Oscar nominee. Also I think it’ll be better if there is a sign to show that you’ve answered the questions because sometimes when you are switching tabs around, you’ll forget which question you’re on.


Other than that, once you’re in the mood, the momentum keeps going so the test doesn’t feel too long even though it is.


I still got a 4w5 which is The Individualist or The Free Spirit wing. Good to know I’m actually consistent in one aspect of my life haha cause like who am I lmao- Overall, 7/10 experience.



I think by taking all 3 tests one after the other, this one has a more accurate scale for the answers (imo) (does that make sense?) It explains the meaning of each option and what to do if one isn’t sure of their answer.


I’m a 4w3 which hasn’t changed since a few years ago. The Individualist with a wing that’s The Achiever.


The descriptions on Enneagram test makes me feel like I’m being called out sksksk as opposed to the MBTI (maybe because it covers the strengths and weaknesses and other things that can serve as the cherry on top so everything is less bitter).


It’s rather short compared to MBTI. But very straight to the heart. (Yeah just reread the MBTI descriptions, it definitely has a softer tone that doesn’t hurt your soul.)


Myers–Briggs Type Indicator



This would be my favourite out of all the tests that I’ve taken (I think it’s mostly because of 16personalities aesthetically pleasing interface).


I’ve started taking it back in school and as I grow, it’s interesting to observe how I went from being an INTP to an INTJ, then an INFJ and finally now, (for the past few years) a consistent, INFP-T, The Mediator, (yo girl got into her feelings more as she grew older sksks).


Analysing this pattern helped me a lot in understanding my growth, so it’s cool how flexible MBTI is and how there are so many other types compared to other personality tests.


However, as they go very broad and deep with the results, there are times where I feel that I don’t really relate with some parts of my type. Overall, it’s a fun way to get to know yourself throughout different phases of your life.



I got INFP-A (The Mediator). This is my third time taking this test and the result is the same as the first time I took it. I feel like out of the other tests, this is by far the most accurate, simple to take and straightforward. Love the graphics too.



I’ve taken this test twice, and each time, I’ve gotten a different result (INFP-T) The Mediator, albeit still within the introverted range. I find this to be the most organised test I’ve come across so far, and the results page is quite insightful and detailed despite them offering a more premium analysis.



Just not too fond of the wide scale, it allows room for me to be more indecisive and critical of each answer, but I think it works well towards accuracy of the test. I’d recommend this test to people I meet who are interested in personality tests. 9.9/10



Took this test several months ago and got INTJ-A, got the same result again today. I’m The Architect WOW!! Only 2.0% of the population have this personality type… I really like this test because it’s simple and straightforward.



No confusing or vague statements. I think it’s accurate because I’m definitely an analytical person and I like to analyze things.


Also the site is aesthetically pleasing, as it is easy to navigate and very user-friendly. I also like the name they give for each personality type. Overall 7/10 experience for the test.





Results- MBTI: INFJ-T (The Advocate)



I’ve taken this test multiple times before. I remember the first time I took it was in 2015 and I got INFP. And I took it again a few months later and I got ISFP. And in recent years, every time I’ve taken the test, it has consistently been INFP (The Mediator).


I also think the reason I don’t mind taking this test over and over again is because it’s my favourite format of personality tests (plus points for how cute it looks too).The results are thorough and interesting to read because they touch on every aspect of life (and I find them accurate!).


Overall I rate this 9/10. Although, I think it’s important to remember that these personality tests shouldn’t be something to box yourself into.




I have taken this test multiple times and I always get a different result depending on the mental state I am in. I’m usually an INFJ but sometimes, if I’m off the rails, I can be an ENFP.


Anyway, the design of the page is very inviting and contemporary so compared to the other two tests, this one feels superior.


The questions are only okay, some are so specific that it feels suspicious (which takes away from the experience) but I like the good range of answers which allows some room for my answers. The progress bar is also a good touch!


Today my result is INFP-T which stands for The Mediator (Turbulent).’s a mix of both of my previous results lmao but anyway i love the long descriptions as it feels in depth and it covers a lot of ground.


However, because it’s so long, it feels a bit overwhelming but once you get past that, it’s pretty cool. I don’t feel so attached to MBTI as I am with Enneagram but I feel SEEN with that one. Overall, I’m biased and have my preference for that sksk it’s a 6/10 experience.


Okay nevermind, I read the whole description and so far it’s pretty accurate, I’m SEEN here as well. I’ll bump it up to a 7/10 but on a normal day, I’ll probably give it a 6/10 still sksk



Usually get INFP-T but today it’s INFJ-T (The Advocate). Personality tests aren’t always consistent because the answers may be different depending on the type of mood you’re in.


For MBTI (since I learnt about it from a friend in high school), I think it’s better to study the functions and understand how the 16 types are formed for a more accurate answer on which personality you are. Sometimes they can be mistyped because of similar cognitive functions.


Unsure about the scale because how would they analyse the data if there’s a lot of neutral answers filled up? Also different individuals may have different interpretations for each level on the scale which may also cause an inaccurate result.



BUT I think this opinion also stems from my indecisiveness and tendency to second guess myself. That said, the more the options, the more I would go back and forth changing answers which may or may not affect the final result.


On the flip side, it does give a great insight into explaining each personality. Very in depth! Also can be eerily true. And you get to read up on other personality types and gain a better understanding of them.


I think the cute graphics further adds on to the whole identity of each personality which is a very nice touch. Oh and other leaders that share the same personality type!


Can give an “oh wOW really :-’)” effect because it’s like aw,, we’re connected in some way ;u; But some of these people are like dead so how did they actually type them? But yeah It can be a fun test to take! Overall 6/10 (?)


And that's all folks! For the ones who have read till the end, thank you! We hope you enjoyed this introductory session of the Mossery Team as the eight of us had a great time doing the tests and trading our results in the office.


In fact, what are the chances that most of us are INFP's? 




Anyway, feel free to follow our team members on their social media, and watch their space for their personal projects and updates!


Let us know if you agree with our reviews by commenting below or DM us @mosseryco on Instagram! Remember to share your personality test results with us too! We'd love to know.


We would love to hear what you think about this post.

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