Our Yearly Planners are designed to help you better organise your life and achieve your goals.


With that in mind, our Planners are created with its very own Habit Tracker to be your best buddy!


Read on to learn how to navigate and better utilize the Habit Tracker to help you build better habits:

Goal Setting



The first step to building any habits is to first set your goals. It is just as important as any other step as it kick-starts your process!


If you need an extra burst of inspiration on what kind of habits you’d like to achieve, you can refer to the handy Tips section on the top of the page.


Alternatively, you can also refer to our 4 Steps to Revive Your Goals here where you might get some bright ideas!



Now that you have your goals in mind, it is time to fill it in to track your progress. Under every month, we have prepared rows for you to fill in your goals.


The space allocated is concise, making it easy to use, like our Tips section suggests:

“Start small—keep your goals simple”.



So how often are you planning to carry out these habits in a month?


For example, if you were to exercise once every two days, your goal in a month of 30 days would be 15 exercise sessions.


Therefore, you would end up filling in 15 under the Goals column.


In that way, try to keep your goals achievable and not to overwhelm yourself with it! Habits are cultivated gradually—consistency is key.

Goal Tracking



Having already set your goals for the month, you will need to track your progress!


Our box layout allows you the flexibility to celebrate your progress however you like.


Whether you prefer minimalist ticks or elaborate designs, use the progress boxes to your preference.


Just remember to fill it in every time you reach your daily goal.


As that sense of satisfaction of filling the box accumulates, you will find that by the end of the month, you will feel great!



If you’ve used our Habit Trackers, you might have noticed that there are red columns scattered throughout the page.


Those columns are flagged to indicate Sundays in the month allowing you easier navigation within the week, saving our users the trouble of erasing their markings on the wrong day.

Goal Reflection



Now that the month is over, it is time to reflect on how you did in the past month.


First of all however, for all the effort you have put in to improve yourself, it’s time to give yourself a pat on the back.


Next, you can begin by tallying the amount of days where you completed your daily goal and compare them with your goal at the start of the month. Did you meet your goals?



After that, you should reflect on your progress with the tips we provided on the top of the page.


• What are your takeaways from this month?

• How did it work for you?

• How could you change the goal to make it more achievable?


Remember to jot your thoughts in the Reflection column for future reference!



All in all, habit tracking is a long process that takes time and experience to refine and ensure that they work for you.


Not one individual is the same as the other, so not everyone’s Habit Tracker will be the same.


So the only person to compete with, is the version of ourselves from yesterday.


We hope that this post can help inspire you to make the Habit Tracker a part of your daily routine to achieve your goals.


Take one step at a time and you will be there before you realise it.


How do you use your Habit Tracker? Let us know by commenting below or sharing your spreads and tagging us @mosseryco.


Thank you to @emaeilie for the lovely visuals!


We would love to hear what you think about this post.

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