We know how it’s like—you finally decide to get that art book, you check out your order, and the exorbitant shipping cost throws you off your chair.


That’s it. Goodbye, art book of your dreams. You might hold it in your hands someday, when you can actually afford the shipping, or when the company decides to give some kind of discount. Who knows?


We get it.


We receive e-mails and DMs on Instagram on a daily basis with all sorts of questions regarding some of our steep shipping costs, and we'd like to take this time to clear things up a little. Here are some things about us that you may not be aware of:


So, why is our shipping so expensive?



We want to give you the most reliable options

Among all the shipping options in the world, there are unreliable ones which have a history of losing parcels in transit. This sometimes leaves us no choice but to provide only the best possible option for certain countries, which may amount to be a bit more than usual. (sorry about that, South America)



We’re based halfway across the world from you

We're based in Malaysia and that puts us roughly 10,000 km away from most of you in the United States and Europe! This distance has made it even more difficult for us when we try to look for reliable and affordable shipping services for our global customers, especially if they live in remote areas.



We’re not in complete control

The shipping rates you see were mostly decided by courier companies, depending on geographical and many other factors. This means that we don’t always get the final say in how much our customers pay for shipping. However, we're always on a sharp lookout for more flexible and secure shipping alternatives. 


What About Express Shipping?

There’s one more question that people ask us often. Why is Express Shipping so costly compared to the rest? What are you paying for? Well, here are six reasons why this option is our favourite:


It arrives in a flash

A surefire guarantee that your parcel will reach within the specified duration (usually just 2-4 business days!).



It’s shipped to you and only you

With a proof of delivery that requires a receiver signature, your parcel will surely be delivered to the right person at the right address.



You decide how it reaches you

Use On-Demand Delivery to choose your preferred delivery option, including self-collection at the nearest service location—for if you’re away for a trip.



Send it to the right place

Typo on your street name? Correct your details and reroute it immediately, even when your parcel has already been shipped out.



You’re updated every step of the way

Get text and e-mail notifications to keep you informed on the status of your parcel and precisely when it will be arriving at your doorstep.



It’s in the safest hands possible

With an optimised receiver experience and high delivery success rates, you can go to sleep knowing that your parcel will be making its way to you safely.


Happy shopping! If you have any other questions or suggestions regarding how we might be able to improve our delivery experience, feel free to reach us at hello@mossery.co. We’d love to hear from you.


Free shipping for orders over $150

P/S: Did you know that you can get free shipping off your entire order if you purchase more than $150 and above in a single receipt? Find some friends to share an order together today and just use the code SHIPPING150 at your check out. 


Posted 08 October 2021 at 16:41 by Paola

I just came here to support Amanda’s comment.
I would buy one of your planners in a heartbeat if it means not spending as much money on shipping (and spending less money for import fees for that matter).
The layout of your planners look like it’s fit for me and the covers are beautiful and I really wouldn’t mind waiting longer to receive them.
I hope you take these comments in consideration and implement a standard shipping option :)

Posted 08 October 2021 at 16:41 by Valery

I agree with the previous comments, I wouldn’t mind waiting a few weeks to receive the order. Also, one of the things that I like most about the planners is that they are refilliable, which would be difficult due to the high shipping costs. I love the artist collabs btw!

Posted 03 December 2019 at 12:24 by Katarina

Agreed with Amanda and Fatine. I understand your reasons, I would love to try out your planners, because the layout and everything is right up my alley, but to be honest, paying for the shipping almost the same price as for the planner (especially when I imagine I would have to add extra for the import rates) overweights the love for your design and makes me seriously think about turning for a better compromise to the competition. :(

Posted 14 June 2019 at 12:56 by Fatine

I totally agree with Amanda. Hope you’ll implement standard shipping as well. I don’t mind waiting 2 months. I would definitely definitely order Mossery if that’s the case.

Posted 06 May 2019 at 10:33 by Amanda

I appreciate the thought and care when shipping the products, but I wouldn’t mind waiting for weeks to receive my Mossery. The shipping cost to the EU is the price of a notebook and, at the customs, the importing taxes are calculated with the shipping! So the total cost for a notebook is not worth it at all… I buy things from Japan and it takes 6-8 weeks to arrive here, and I don’t mind at all! Standard delivery option and Mossery sales will skyrocket!!

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