Mossery Art Kit

Mossery Art Kits

Discover your creative potential and explore new art styles with our all-in-one Art Kits with all the tools and supplies you need, guided and curated by professional artists.

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What's included in an Art Kit?

Each Art Kit comes with a variety of mediums and tools, carefully selected by the artist to help you start on your creative journey.

Workbook & Guidebook

A guide to help you explore new techniques and mediums.

Mossery Sketchbook

A blank canvas for your ideas and creations.

Art Tools

A variety of mediums and tools to help you start on your creative journey.

Artist Merchandise

A selection of artist merchandise, including stickers and postcards.

Full Art Kit vs Mini Art Kit

Got your own art tools? The Mini Art Kit offers the essentials without the tools, making it a lighter, budget-friendly choice for your creativity.

Full Art Kit

A complete set of art tools and mediums to start your creative journey.

Mini Art Kit

A lighter, budget-friendly choice for your creativity, without the tools.

Create with Confidence

Select from a range of 11 Art Kits with a variety of mediums.

Unique blend of precision and flexibility

Gouache Art Kits

Known for its vibrant, opaque colours and its ability to create rich and matte surfaces, Gouache offers a unique blend of precision and flexibility.

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From pen to paint

Paint Marker Art Kit

A dynamic and versatile tool, that can be applied with precision and vibrancy on a variety of surfaces.

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Embrace interplay of colour on paper

Watercolour & Mixed Media Art Kit

Offering a unique balance between control and spontaneity. Embrace the unpredictability of blending and bleeding colours on paper.

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Inez Calligraphy Kit

Bring your words to life

Calligraphy Art Kit

Embark on a journey of creative expression through meticulously crafted letters and decorative scripts. Immerse in the elegant and timeless art of beautiful writing.

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