Birth of Venus Part II Art Print


Children of the sea — borne from fissures of waves, breathed to life through the tender hands of a mythical mother.

Having been mostly cooped up inside this past year, a lot of things came and went away. But out of so many of them, only a few things stayed with me after those period of intense isolation and I tried to paint that feeling. I guess the word impermanence seems fitting for it.

Aside from that, I'm planning to explore the mermaid theme further as well, so wish me luck!

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Border Height Width


Height: 7" / 177.8mm
Width: 7" / 177.8mm
Border: 0.5" / 12.7mm
Height: 11" / 279.4mm
Width: 11" / 279.4mm
Border: 0.5" / 12.7mm
Height: 18" / 457.2mm
Width: 18" / 457.2mm
Border: 1" / 25.4mm

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Birth of Venus Part II Art Print by @somethingstokeep

  • Artwork dimensions: 40 x 50 inches
  • Print dimensions: 42 x 52 inches

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