Horizontal Half-Year Planner Refill (Undated)

You may fit two light notebooks or half-year planners in our Threadbound Covers.

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Uyen-Trang Nguyen
Great paper quality and perfect for STEM college classes

This is the first time I used an undated planner, and I am in love with it. I have never been able to commit to every date and month in writing what I need, and this undated calendar planner is perfect for me because it allows me to take my time without feeling guilty of using every page. I don't feel like I am and will be wasting pages. On top of that the way the pages are designed are just perfect. I love the given monthly and weekly views. I also love that the pages are split into halves of bullet points and grid paper because I can list my classes and the tasks I have for them. I love that there is just enough space to write everything I need and that it comes with a notes section. It acts like a bullet journal in the sense that I can also track my habits, draw, and tape all my sovieniors and memories into my planner :)) The quality of the paper is also fantastic. While there is some ghosting, I never had to deal with my ink bleeding into other pages, and the quality is a 10/10

Lena P.
Great paper and structure

Oh, if only taxes on shipping weren't so expensive, I would use Mossery for all my journaling and planning needs!

I love the structure of the weekly pages, the layout provides the right balance between guidance and freedom. Also, the paper quality is wonderful. Highly recommend!

Myjanae Atkins

I love my undated planner. I use it almost everyday. I also used the bullet journal as a sketchbook.

Dani Parker

the half book style is the best and i love that refills are available and that they're so inexpensive