Transparent Sleeve (Wirebound)

Fits only Mossery Medium Wirebound products (both soft and hard covers):

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How to Insert Sleeve

1. Back Cover

Slide the back cover into the sleeve flap by pushing it in firmly with both thumbs.

2. Front Cover

Lift the spine up and insert the bottom corner of the front cover into the sleeve flap.

3. Front Cover

Slide the top corner of the front cover into the sleeve flap until it is fully inserted.

4. Book Band

Lastly, pull out the band from the opening at the back and you’re good to go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Fits perfectly!

My previous planner years ago got beat up fast. So I'm gonna use the transparent sleeves for my sketchbook cos it's gonna get handled lots. It fits perfectly! The only thing is you cant fold it back on itself anymore when sketching or painting but no biggie for me since I'm a lefty and only sketch on one side of the page.


really nice sleeve keeps my journal lookin like Steve Harvey ☺


I used it with my Pastel Sky 2019 Planner, it's perfect!

Useful purchase

Something I hadn't realized (even though I bought this with the watercolor notebook the same day), was that the covers for Mossery's hardbound books are matte. They don't have a protective gloss on them so they're at the whim of whatever water spill or pen mark. This came up as a suggested purchase when I was checking out and I am glad I did. I have a small collection of notebooks and sketchbooks and although the bends, spills, and warps add character, I'd love if they could stay nicer longer sometimes and this definitely allows for that. I expect that this cover will keep my sketchbook nice for the time I am actively drawing and painting. NOTE: when you put it on the first time, it will be a tight fit. I didn't struggle too much getting it on the wirebound watercolor notebook I bought.


Transparent Sleeve (Wirebound)