Regular Transparent Sleeve

Fits Mossery Regular Books only:

  • Twinbooks
  • 14-month Undated Planners
  • Medium Sketchbooks
  • Regular Threadbound Notebooks
  • Wirebound Notebooks
$3.90 USD

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How to Insert Sleeve

1. Back Cover

Slide the back cover into the sleeve flap by pushing it in firmly with both thumbs.

2. Front Cover

Lift the spine up and insert the bottom corner of the front cover into the sleeve flap.

3. Front Cover

Slide the top corner of the front cover into the sleeve flap until it is fully inserted.

4. Book Band

Lastly, pull out the band from the opening at the back and you’re good to go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Nur Ain Mastura Alwie


Easy installation

Easy installation. Glad they have this feature for product longevity.

Sturdy and Fits Perfect

The fit is perfect like it should, and quite thick so you can ease your worries on protecting your cover. Honestly I like the texture of the original hardover of the planner, however knowing the clumsy person I am, the purchase is inevitable. Though I have to say it kills the vibrance of your cover art since it has some opaqueness to it due to the material.

Should've bought it sooner...

I love everything about the Mossery covers. Having the sleeve protect the artwork is a no brainer. It is especially useful in preserving the quality of the covers for refilling and therefore more sustainable in the long run.

Fits like a glove! Love it

The fit is spot-on, the installation instructions were great. Now I’m more inclined to bring my planner outdoors without worrying too much about getting stains on the cover.