We’re excited to announce our collaboration with CzipLee in celebration of their 50th anniversary this year! Working with them has always been fun and inspiring for us, and we are thrilled to have yet another opportunity to do so.



CzipLee is a stationery company that is dedicated not only to supplying a canvas for artists and writers, but also encouraging people to express their creativity. We decided to release a new design of Medium Notebooks that carries the same meaning – imagination made possible and easy to bring to life in a product. We call it A Creator's Garden


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You can make it unique and your own.


You might be curious as to what other personal touches can you add to your notebook, other than the content. For this collection, the cover arrives as a blank canvas to you. The first step is picking from three specially chosen colours: Violet, Dark Blue, or Stone. 



The next step is, of course, decorating your blank canvas. We've designed 2 full sheets of stickers for you to create one-of-a-kind flower arrangements that are sure to be unique to every person. Bring your personal favourite garden to life right onto the cover of your notebook!



It's limited edition.


Our collaboration with CzipLee has a limited production run of 1000 notebooks, and each of them are individually numbered from 1 to 1000. You'll be able to see exactly which number you own, as every notebook will have this printed in gold on the back cover.



It comes in a Gold Box.


All of these special features will be packed into our classic Gift Box – but in honour of CzipLee's 50th anniversary, we designed a special gold edition to match the concept of our collaboration. The floral designs on the box can even be used as a source of inspiration for you to decorate your notebook cover.



We really enjoyed working on this – as a new concept, it tested our boundaries and taught us new things in the process. We hope that this special edition inspires you to spend a leisurely afternoon crafting a cover that is just as much designed by you as it is by us. 


You can view the whole collection on CzipLee’s website. Head on over to purchase your own notebook and start planting your garden. Happy creating!


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