The thought of school sends you into a jittery frenzy, with sweaty palms, non-stop thoughts and a rapid heart beat. Does it sound familiar to you? 


The overwhelming weight of going back to school can be daunting, paralyzing our motivation for school. We then find ourselves lost in an all too familiar phenomenon called procrastination.



Procrastination begins when the gap between the knowledge of our tasks and the action of doing it becomes wider. We are then lost in that ‘knowing-doing’ gap as anxious jitters creep up our fingertips. To prevent that from happening, a stepping stone to taking that first step is, you’ve guessed it, routines! 

Routines are a set of actions that you do repetitively on a frequent basis. It helps build momentum in your productivity, and set you on track with your goals. Being in that productivity mode helps tick off your to-do lists. Thus, you become motivated, becoming an embodiment of the Nike slogan. 

As you journey through this state of flow, your focus will be shifted. Perfection will matter less and your jitters will turn into brain juice. Soon, you will have achieved and progressed further than you’ve thought.



Routines are built from small actions, such as to-do lists and everyday tracking devices. An action as small as writing "buy pens for school today" on a post-it note may do wonders in lowering the likelihood of forgetting and procrastination. That's where tools such as Planners or Bullet Journals come into the picture. They are your safe place to brain dump, doodle and take note of everything in your life.  


Getting ready for school can feel hectic as routines are often lost in the holiday shuffle. And that’s okay. It is also important to forgive yourself from time to time for procrastinating; however, it’s also important to jump back up and ready yourself for the journey ahead.


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