Whether you are creating art full-time, part-time, or as a hobby, you can’t stop the creative block when it decides to come, and when it does, it can be a difficult territory to navigate!


Unfortunately, having a creative block also means you can’t continue doing what you love. So to overcome that artist block, we suggest you try out these five mediums and who knows, you might discover a new love!




Colour wheel study | @raffaela_art


For those who haven't tried out watercolour in a while, perhaps it’s time to give it a go. As free-flowing as watercolour is, maybe what you need is to just play with colours and watch them spread throughout your canvas.


Make the colour green by combining blue and yellow, let the brush strokes do the talking and don’t think too much about it! For watercolour artists, the next point might be a better suggestion!




May collage | @akirajournals


Sometimes a good cut and paste can recharge your creativity more than you think! The strength of a collage artwork is in its abstractness and its ability to make sense in the chaos.


So let your imagination do its thing! Find some old magazines and paste it onto an old artwork that might need just a little bit of pzazz or create a new one entirely from scratch. You’d be surprised at how freeing it can feel and how beautiful it can look.




Stipple typography | @oraarts


How many of you have tried stippling? It can be a difficult art style but it challenges you to think about things you might have overlooked, like the weight of your touch or how shading works in dots. Sometimes all you need is to venture away from your usual art style and try something new!


The goal is not to create something perfect but it’s to see what you can do with stippling itself. Not only that, you probably have all the tools you need on hand. A pen and paper!


Continuous Line Drawing


Harry Styles | @giralka


I think we have seen this art style online plenty of times to know what it is! For those who are new to it, it’s a style of drawing that has one rule: you can’t lift up your tool until the illustration is complete.


Some artists will take the time to perfect the most simplified version of the illustration while others would simply keep drawing amidst the layers of ink until their illustration is complete. What would your style of continuous line drawing be?


Sketch & Doodle


Doodle daydream | @kb.illustration


Last but definitely not the least, is to just forget all about technique and style, and just draw! Sketching and doodling can be a great way to release all that built-up tension. After all, experiencing an art block may be primarily a result of stress.


So let’s not think too much about it and just doodle or sketch whatever that comes to mind. Sometimes going back to the basics of having fun, can help you overcome that creative block better than trying new things.


All in all, experiencing an art block is just part of the process. The important thing is to take time to rest and have fun!


We hope that you can try these five mediums and feel better about yourself. Creative blocks pass when you find the fun in making art again!


Do you have a specific way to overcome your art block? Let us know in the comments below or tag us @mosseryco on Instagram!


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