Watercolour 300gsm Regular Wirebound Sketchbook Refill

Does not include cover.

$17.50 USD

Watercolour 300gsm Regular Wirebound Sketchbook Refill is unavailable

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Happy Customer
Love, wish they would make bigger size too

First time ordering and was pleasantly surprised on how quickly I received my order and its contents. I've looked everywhere for a watercolor sketchbook like this. My only suggestion would be to make more size variations because I've found I like creating on a larger surface area. A5 works for travel and such but I'd love if they made other sizes as well.

Amber B.
My favorite watercolor paper

I love this paper a lot! It is a bit smoother than most cold-pressed papers, making it more friendly to detailed art and mixed media art with pens, paint markers, alcohol markers, and pencils. I LOVE how granulating paints perform on this paper too, I have yet to find another paper that encourages granulation as much as this one. Paint does lift a bit, but only if you are intentionally trying to lift paint, making it great for fixing small mistakes. Highly recommend!!

Shay Jordan
Fantastic Sketchbook

I've been putting off using this sketchbook for a long time because its just so nice lol I didn't want to ruin it, but I decided this year to go ahead and use it for Inktober and I couldn't be happier. The paper is the perfect size - small enough that I don't get myself into a project too big, but large enough to hold a fair amount of detail.

The paper absorbs color very well and stands up to different types of media. I've tried gouache, watercolors, india ink, sumi ink, copics, etc. and the paper takes it all very well even though it's not a mixed media sketchbook. I'm really enjoying it and I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of inktober with it.

I've also placed an order for the mixed media and paint marker sketchbooks to try some of Mossery's other paper. Very satisfied.

Sofie Bishoff
A dream

I feel like a lot of people always look for the perfect watercolor sketchbook, and in my experience this has been one of the best I've tried! Love working in it!