Sibylline Meynet Gouache Art Kit


French illustrator, Sibylline Meynet, answers all your questions about gouache as she guides you through the painting process and techniques using her favourite art tools.

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Mossery × Sibylline Meynet

Seasonal Covers

Sibylline Meynet paints to bring her musings of the femininity to life. Personified as every season of the year, which muse would you pick? Which season represents you the most?

Coming soon: Winter

Sibylline's Pick
300gsm Watercolour Paper

Gouache Practice Workbook

Learn Painting with Sibylline

Join Sibylline on a journey of learning the ins-and-outs of gouache, along with her painting tips and techniques.

See inside
Curated Art Tools

Handpicked by Sibylline

Have the best art tools chosen for you by Sibylline to kickstart your gouache journey.

20ml Tubes (10 colours):
D011 Shell Pink
D012 Vermilion
D033 Deep Yellow
D041 Light Apricot
D072 Blue Green
D092 Ultramarine Deep
D100 Light Blue
D131 Burnt Sienna
D151 Titanium White
D193 Primary Black

Mini // Round (Size 0)
Long // Round (Size 2)
Filbert (Size 8)

5" 7-well Flower Palette

Pentel Orenz Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm - Metal Grip
Pentel 0.5mm HB Lead Refill

Colour selected randomly by our team to match the Art Kit

Premium quality eraser

200mm x 145mm
Selected art prints by Sibylline

108mm x 140mm
Includes 4 envelopes

180mm x 130mm
Each sticker sheet comes with 22 stickers

Sibylline Meynet Gouache Art Kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Perfect Kit for yourself or a friend!

I really love Sibylline's art, so this kit was such a treat because I think it is perfect for beginners like me or more advanced artists getting into gouche. I love the gouche practice workbook and selected supplies. It's a mixture of guided and freedom to test things out, which I think is super helpful.

Lorena Miller
Wonderful introduction to gouache!

This is my first kit to get into gouache and I absolutely love it! Not on only is the cover for my sketchbook beautiful, but so is everything in this kit. The brushes are amazingly soft and smooth, the colors are gorgeous and the whole thing is so simple to use! The step by step guide really helps to understand how to use gouache, although it's not as detailed as taking a class, if you have any idea of how to watercolor or just simply have the curiousty and excitement to paint with gouache! This is the way to go!!!

Beautiful kit!

The box came wonderfully packed! The selection of art supplies is great, and the workbook is a great way to familiarise yourself with the new tools and medium! I was feeling a bit of pressure to do something nice when trying the new medium, but the workbook gave me a way to get comfortable without worrying. The designs on the workbook and sketchbook are gorgeous, and I adore the prints! I was wondering if the paper would buckle under the gouache, but it went on smoothly and the paper remained flat. I love that the pad can be swapped inside the cover, and that it lays completely flat when open.

Loved it!

Bought it for my sister and I got to keep the covers :) I also bought just the cover of Clementine and I love that they're looking at each other when they're side by side. The shipping was great and the quality of the gouache and art supplies are top notch. Sibylline's tutorial is so fun and helpful and the watercolour book is so thick!! Recommended for thick paints, as it would be a shame to use it for pencils though you of course can. Loved it!

Tia Crosby
My new favorite hobby!

I love my box so much! I officially love acrylic gouache and the practice workbook is so worth it. This comes with everything you need to dive into a new medium and the sketchbook cover is so beautiful. I would recommend this to anyone looking to expand into acrylic gouache!