April has come and gone quite fast compared to the previous months and we hope that everyone is doing well staying indoors during these trying times.



It may be a difficult time to make someone’s day more special than usual when we’re all apart like this but we have recently launched Mossery Care Cards: A Fundraiser Project that may come in handy!



As part of our greeting cards series, we have created what we believe to be a way to close the gap between social distancing and act as an accessible way for members of our community to participate in the support of organisations like the International Rescue Committee and Mercy Malaysia.



For the intent of this Fundraiser, we have arranged a Personalised Portrait Commission service from our team of creative designers drawn in our Mossery Care Card style.


For every purchase of the Care Cards starting from $14.90, you may choose a $5, $10, $15 or $20 donation towards the fundraiser to get closer to our targeted goal. Right now we are still behind on our $10,000 goal so click here to read more about our initiative!



If you need help with the words inside the card, get inspired through the power of poetry. As it is also National Poetry Month, we have asked eight Malaysian poets to share one of their best written works for our Write Out Loud campaign. Click here to read the poems!



For our Creative Challenge on the other hand, we have asked our community to participate in #DrawThisPoem where they can choose a poem from the eight available and draw whatever that comes to mind!


We have created a library where you can browse all the poems and artwork side by side so click to take a look at our Library


Thank you to the poets and artists once again for your lovely submissions.




In the end, we hope that our Care Cards and poetry could give you some comfort during the times of uncertainty like this. Even something as simple as sending a card or drawing a poem could let the receiver and poet know that you are thinking of them.


As for the Fundraiser, we want to show that although we may not be playing an active role in saving lives, we hope that our collective donation can allow these organisations to continue providing daily necessities such as food, shelter, medical aid, and human compassion to people in need.


Now that the April showers have run downstream, we hope that May will bring forth flowers indeed. Stay Home and Stay Safe.


Make sure to also take a look at the rest of our blog posts to learn more about poetry and also get updated with two of our Stay Home guides this month with Working from Home and Making Your Journal Your Safe Space.


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