We’re entering the second quarter of our year and May is ready to welcome us with Spring.


That being said, it’s better for us to be watching the blooming flowers on the inside, safely through our windows while we wait for this pandemic to blow over.


On that note, we want to thank everyone for doing their part especially, the essential workers who are making sure we are all physically taken care of.


For Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to make sure all of you are taking care of your mental health as well and we hope our Kinder Together campaign can do just that.


Feel free to download the template above and start crossing out the days


We are encouraging you to do something heartwarming daily for our 31 Days of Kindness to remind everyone to be kind not only to the people around them but also to themselves. 


In these trying times, it can be difficult to navigate through our heads but things will get better as long as we lift each other up and treat ourselves the way we would treat someone we love.


Let's remember that we are all kindred spirits here and we are all in this together.


You’re always as welcome as the flowers in May.


Stay tuned as we are also launching something brand new in May so make sure to follow us @mosseryco on Instagram to get the latest updates.


Posted 05 May 2020 at 10:54 by Hanna

Hey Mossery! I love your ‘Kindness’ template that I had put it into my monthly journal. I would like to complete the template each day.

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