We hope everyone has been doing well in the month of May. It looks like the pandemic situation varies all over the world, but we hope everyone is doing their part in staying home.



For this Mental Health Awareness Month, we have hoped to turn the attention on health inwards. For 31 Days, we encourage our lovely Mossery community to spread kindness to the people around you.


If you missed out on this month, feel free to use the calendar for another month. It’s the thought that counts! We hope that this daily activity has shown you how even the smallest things can brighten someone’s day. Also note on how you feel after doing those things. You’re worthy of kindness too.



On that note, treat yourself to our brand new cover! The Cosmic Adventure, designed by Indonesian artist, Varsam Kurnia. A one of a kind cover, his signature Moonboys and Starguides graced the cover of our third Artist Collaboration.


Click here to check out our new cover, here for an exclusive interview with the artist, and here for merchandise to pair with the Cosmic Adventure!



Speaking of launches, we have also started pre-orders for our Sketchbook Refills! Similar to our other Refills, the Sketchbooks Refills come in three types, 100% Cotton, Watercolour, or Mixed Media.


Pick the paper of your choice and save up to 40% compared to buying a brand new sketchbook. Not only is it eco-friendly, for those with a Threadbound cover, replace the insides with a Sketchbook Refill to make your very own Refillable Sketchbook.



Last but definitely not the least, do you know we have a Youtube channel? For those who wants a peace of mind, follow our 7 Steps to a Peaceful Routine!


Make sure to check out our other May content as well! We’ve prepared plenty of articles that would really help!


Not only that, we have interviewed a few online creators on how they are coping mentally during this pandemic so click here to read up on perspectives that might inspire you.


We hope that May has been good to you and that things are starting to lighten up wherever you are. Continue to stay safe and let’s hope we can all enjoy the summer sunshine in June.


How has May been for you? Let us know by tagging us @mosseryco on Instagram or comment below!


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