Plate to Paper Watercolour Art Kit: Deluxe Edition


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Watercolour Practice Workbook

Learn the Basics of Watercolour with Victoria

Join Victoria as she guides you on a mouth-watering adventure of watercolour painting through delightful treats and sweets in her workbook.

First Edition
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Explore different painting techniques

Learn to control watercolour with wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, glazing techniques and more to turn your paintings into a visual delicacy that looks good enough to eat!

Bring illustrations to life with colours

Get familiar with the colour chart and explore colour mixing through a range of values and transparency to add depth, detail and flavour into your paintings.

300gsm Watercolour Paper
Wire-O Binding
193 mm H × 136 mm W
7.87" H × 5.35" W
25 sheets / 50 pages
Textured Finish
Off White
Acid Free
ISO 9706 - Long Life
Curated Art Tools

Handpicked by Plate to Paper

Have the best art tools chosen for you by Victoria to kickstart your watercolour journey.

*Art Tools are not included in the Mini Art Kit.

Holbein Artist’s Watercolour × 2 sets
Interlon Paint Brushes × 2 sets
Holbein Masking Fluid × 2
Watercolour Pencil × 2
Enamel Metal Box Palette × 2
Pentel Eraser × 2
Faber Castell Sharpener × 2
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First Edition
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Plate to Paper Watercolour Art Kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

It’s really worth the prices, the quality of the products is really really good

Yu Han
Great exercises, tools/materials can be improved

Love the flow of exercises provided. Great for people who want to improve colour mixing and colour control. I had some issues with the masking fluid. Somehow, it seeps through to other areas of the paper and creates a barrier on the non-masked area, causing my paint to not be absorbed by the paper and become splotchy. Didn’t manage to take a photo of it but i could peel off a layer of masking fluid on areas i did not put it on. This happened a day after i paint the first layer over the masking fluid and when i try to paint the second layer. Rubbing slightly harder caused the paper to tear (pastry and fruit exercise page). Had to make quite an effort to salvage that page. I switched out the masking fluid and am seeing if it happens again. Love the vibrant Holbein paint. Other than the tearing, the paper is really nice to paint on and can handle multiple layers of paint. Colour pencil in the series 2 set was chipped and slightly split at the end. Overall, I like how Vic Moey thoughtfully planned out the exercises, allowing the user to apply the techniques previously learnt and in increasing difficulty. Really enjoyed the challenge of trying to get the right shade and depth of colour and seeing it all come together in a scrumptious treat. Hope this series continues.

Petra Guzzardi
Great for practice and in case of lack of inspiration

I love to sketch in a daily journal since the first lockdown. I am self-taught so there are a lot of things to discover and to learn. Sometimes I want to sketch but I lack inspiration and/or motivation and so these kits are awesome! I took two kits right now. The only downside is that we're obliged to take the sketchbooks with it while for me the workbook to practice was already enough. Also the little cards and other goodies were not necessary for me. But I'm happy with the materials who are perfect and complete to can do all the exercises needed in the workbook.

Michi Bichi Co
I'm in love!

I love the kit, the quality is excellent, I had a small issue with customs in my country (México) they took away the watercolors, color pencil and masking ink, if you are from Mexico please be aware that those items are prohibited here :c I was sad because of that but the mossery team were so kind to provide me with a gift card to compensate those items. So I got a 100% cotton refill :D I'm very happy, over all is a wonderful kit and I will be buying from them again in the future!


Amazing set, fun for stress relief and just getting into painting